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Catalog of MPNforum Articles

Catalog of MPNforum Articles 

This is a work in progress.  While nearly complete to the best of our knowledge, our early days were chaotic as we wrestled pages from test sites to the MPNforum Magazine pages trying to figure things out. It’s likely an article or two is missing from this Table, but it’s a beginning.  While we are still missing some MPNforum  articles and Columns,  you can still find  all your favorites by using the Search box on most Forum pages or try Google,  And you can always just scroll down the list.

  Another, quicker way is to press Control F, to access the Search Box, and type in the subject or person you’re looking for.  All else fails, drop us a line and we’ll find it for you.

The objective, when complete,  is to publish a full index by subject and author. (Or, as  Robert Browning wrote, “A man’s grasp should exceed his reach, or what’s a Heaven for?”)

The photographs are thumbnails which will expand to full size when clicked.  Each article title is hyperlinked to the original full article itself.

Completion of this first part of the Table is a bit of a landmark and a necessity for our many new readers.  We had 1064 visitors to the pages of our first issue  May 15, 2011 and 11, 325 May, 2012. By March 2015 that number had swelled to 400,000  and then well  past 800,000 so there’s a lot of catching up to do. Until now, there was no easy way for our many new readers to know about prior articles or search by subject or authors.

Any corrections or comments can be made in the Comments box at the end of the Table or sent to…  and would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all the good stuff,         MPNforum 

Bare, naked DNA by ZhenBeyond research, 23andMe offers participants in its MPN cohort both an ancestor report and a report outlining genetic predisposition for certain diseases.  Zhen opens the covers and discovers he’s the product of a mixed marriage…and had better look into his thyroid issues.

Jacob Corn no one’s hiding their stuff:

td td td

 Spring, 2017


An End to Hostilities / by Zhenya Senyak A Valentine’s Day appeal for MPN patient support lists To work together for the common interests of patients. A footnote to the five-part MPN On-line E-mail Patient Support List series.
A Primer on Blood Clots and Thrombosis  /  by Marina Sampanes Peed

A primer on blood clots and thrombosis taking off from Dr, Babette Wechsler’s CR&T presentation and extending to the pathophysiology of clots.

  23andMe – the MPN DNA offer 23andMe is building an on-line database of MPN patients’ DNA to stimulate lower cost, faster response research. In order to encourage MPN patients to participate, the company is offering a free DNA profile and on-going services.  Why?
A love storyby Bonnie Evans Bonnie and Joe have been part of the MPN support list and Facebook community for years as we’ve followed Bonnie’s blog and her relentless pursuit of appropriate medical services for Joe.  Before this public struggle to overcome Joe’s MPN there’s a much earlier, private story.
A myeloproliferative neoplasm….why me? Why me? Is it somthing in my genes? Something I ate. This reprint from an MPN Research Foundation article has some answers.
Ahhh…The Single Lifeby Ann Haehn Story of Genny, a single mom, and her struggle with primary myelofibrosis, the need for a support village…and Smurfs.
Alan Caruthers at MDCC for SCT Bonnie Evans’ report on Alan who previously went through a splenectomy as his MF worsened. He is admitted to the MD Anderson Cancer Center for a stem cell tranplant.
Animal House/  by Mary Hopper Mary, diagnosed with ET, reiies on her menagerie — three Pomeranians, one lab mix, one husky/basset mix, one pit bull and two cats — to get her through the day with a smile.
Ask the doctors In the first joint media interview after Ruxolitinib released its strongly positive results, Drs. Srdan Verstovsek and Ruben Mesa answer the key questions and present their posters.
 Bente bilde 1  Bente’s Story  Bente Evadatter  MPN treatment in Norway.

Dr. Susie Jun, PhD.

Dr. Susie Jun, PhD.

 ASH 2014: Too late for Momelotinib?

Dr. William Dameshek credit:

Dr. William Dameshek

 Between two worlds  How many kinds of myelofibrosis are there anyhow?
Behind the Lab Door/ Zhen What happens after the MPN Research Foundation awards its grants. Part One of a series, a look at the work of Dr. Ben Ebert and Dr.Ross Levine
r Blood and Bone – the factory floorBy Zhen  There may be a co-conspirator in our MPNs that has largely escaped identification. The origin of our MPNs is in hematopoietic stem cells that share a micro-environment with skeletal stem cells – a niche — that influences both bone and blood. They are co-dependent
  Call for caregiversby Barbara Beckman An appeal for caregivers to share their experiences by telling their stories
Bone Marrow Transplantby Chris Harper Chris takes us from his diagnosis through BMT at University Hospital in London and his recovery.
City of Hopeby Marty Prager Marty describes his Stem Cell Transplant, his experience from the beginning when he first considered  the procedure right through each step.
Clinical Trialby Harvey Gould With a little kvetching and a lot of love, Harvey tells the story of what it’s really like to be on a clinical trial at the Stanford Medical Center.  The Ritz, it’s not.
Concept grants target fibrosis MPNRF and the Leukemia  & Lymphoma Society team up to fund innovative research to reverse fibrosis in MF.
  Crisis in MPN Care –and what You can do about it 97% of MPN patients worldwide do not directly benefit from the Internet Support sites or the patient conferences sponsored by foundations and institutions.  How do we reach them?
Claire Harrison — Rethinking ET and PV/  by Zhen Risk stratification and therapeutic options are on the table in this look at Dr. Claire Harrison’s current work:  “The continuum model,” she says, “is about getting people to think outside a rigid box….”
  Doc, how long do I have?by MPNforum Readers Elizabeth Goldstein, Kathy Van Meter, Joe Evans and Beatrice Larroque consider how long they have to live with their MPN and share survival strategies
Drill/ by Barbara Beckman Description of a new product, a surgical drill, to improve the bone marrow biopsy experience.
  Drop the D…or else Animals and rainbows are brought to witness the necessity to finally abandon MPD and adopt MPN.
Easier living on my own/  by Manuela Manuel Part of the Living Single series, Manuela takes a different view of living the single life with an MPN and complications.
  Eleven stories…an introduction In this special story issue, 11 MPN patients and caregivers share their views on iving single, wondering how much longer they can expect to live and telling their own stories. This is the introduction with links to all stories..
Facebook and the Double MPN Life Sometimes it look like a party in the House of MPN, but what’s really going on?.
  Fallout from 23andMe…on to Patient Support Lists After a bruising response, pro and con, to the 23andMe initiative, we move on to the calmer waters of the MPN/MPD Patient Support Lists…life jacket in place..
Five years and I’m still here/ by Kathy Van Meter When the positive news, isn’t. Discovering she suffered from a blood cancer, Kathy gave herself five years..
G.G.: A trillion healing kisses by Ann Haehn G.G. shares her life, hopes, art and family in this far-ranging portrait.
Genetics — Crash MPN course/ by Zhen How can four little DNA letters turn into protein generating three letter codons and six billion base pairs locked in the dark night of a cell nucleus? (This article includes links to the three part Genetics for MPNs on-line class offered simultaneously on MPDchat and MPN-NET in the Spring of 2010, a hodge-podge of lecture,  MIT videos, cartoon simulations, and short-answer exams…no credit given.)
Genny — A Mother’s Tale/ by Ann Haehn “So my mind switches direction, and I begin to think that perhaps I should first relate what it is like to be the mother of a child who has an incurable blood cancer.  Why, dear reader, it takes your very breath away.  That is what it is like.”
Genny, the transplant begins/ by Ann Haehn Ann continues the story of Genny’s struggle against MF with her vigil by her daughter’s side as they wait for news of the success of the stem cell engraftment. In photos and text she traces the path of Genny’s recovery process in powerful, graphic terms.
Get involved in 2012 — Join your MPN friends at the Forum Three ways to join the MPNforum community
Getting to a joyful place/ by Sevy Goulielmos Strategies to break out of the isolation of dealing with an MPN as a single woman
Go, Sevy, Go... This is Sevy’s account of a bike ride to defeat cancer, riding in a fund raising peloton along the historic King’s Road (Chemin du Roy), the oldest roadway in Canada, at 23 km/hr.
  Got a good Doc…Share the news!  This is the place to enter your good doctor’s name in the pantheon of MPN heroes…and maybe help an MPN brother or sister connect with much needed help.
Harrietby Zhen This profile of Dr. Harriet Gilbert is Part One of our On-line MPN Patient Support List survey. She is the first and perhaps the most determined advocate for MPN patient education, patient outreach, and physician-MPN patient interaction.  Beyond her extensive MPN clinical practice, she started the on-line e-mail support list phenomenon and sponsored the first MPN patient centered conferences.
Harriet Gilbert’s waiting room A short note on spontaneous sharing among MPN patients.
How I got my ET diagnosisby Ellen Jacquart It took a high potassium reading to alert Ellen’s doctor that something else was going on.
  I’ll take what I haveby Anthony Tiano  A public television executive travels the hard road from myelofibrosis to heart value issues and kidney failure.  With his counts now stable, his splenomegaly poses a massive obstacle to maintaining his quality of life…and he’s evaluating his options.
Interview Paul Friedman – CEO, Incyte The CEO of Incyte sits down for a full discussion with MPN patients about the corporation’s plans to bring Ruxolitinib to market…He reviews the strategy, the history, the science and explains why Incyte is wiillng to make such a massive investment for such a relatively small market.
Introducing the 2012 Editorial Board This is the team that will help bring us through our second year.
Is it time to rethink Jakafi for MF?/ by Zhen Dr. Ayalew Tefferi seems to think so. A discussion of his full bore assault on Jakafi, complete text of his video and links to his NEJM article. The Phase III clinical trial data that led to FDA approval is not considered. This was first published as a news brief, “Tefferi drops the other shoe,” below.
It’s a living/ by Elizabeth Goldstein A very short story on learning to live with symptoms of an MPN and side effects of HU.
 Is it time to rethink Jakafi? by Zhen The core issues in Tefferi vs Jakafi with multiple exhibits, posts and links. The full airing of concerns and responses from Comfort I investigators and charts presented to the FDA in support of the positive risk/’benefit ratio of the drug for certain cases of MF.
Joyceby Zhen Part III, of the five part  On-line MPN Patient Support List Series traces Joyce’s career from her days as a young patent lawyer on through her life’s work as the most indomitable and effective MPN patient advocate despite her own advancing, deadly MPN.
Lend a hand…if you can Keep it simple.  Keep it small.  Make it work.  The small donation program
  Looking back, looking ahead Report card, review, and openings for participation
  Manuelaby Manuela Manuel Femme se fatigue. A long journey to an MPN conference in London, in pain.
MPDchat: The Last Listby Zhen Part V, the conclusion of the On-line MPN Patient Support LIst series. Focus is the newest e-mail List, MPDchat, started in 2009 by Judy Cuckston, with a different approach to patient support.
MPN Drug Warsby Jeremy B. Smith Jeremy remembers the early days of the Patient Lists (1994), when the first split-offs occurred and the debate raged over the use of hydroxyurea vs. interferon for treatment of polycythemia vera.
My Dinner with MPN-NET/ by Zhen Part IV of the five-part On-line MPN Patient Support List series, in praise (mostly) of MPN-NET, the commitment, dedication, and perseverance of its List Owners’despite their own MPN disabilities.
My life of crimeby Mary Ann Farley What happens when Lady Gaga illustrates the great distance between hope, talent, and ambition and the realities of the MPN life and the twists of fate.
My Online Motherby Jeremy B. Smith  Jeremy’s comments on the passing of Charlotte and the power of the Internet to bring us together and form powerful bonds.
My Robert/ by Zhen Part II of the five part  On-line MPN Patient Support List series.  Profile of Robert Tollen, owner of MPD-Support, pioneer of the patient-run MPN Internet support e-mail service.
News Briefs…February  Harvey’s book, A Fierce Local… the Merck $950 million fine…The Foundation’s list of patient assistance sources combine to launch this news feature
NYC goes MPD for a day New York MPN patient and doctor conference sponsored by CR&T and the MPN Research Foundation draws more than 200 to hear updates on current findings in genetic research and treatment options for the MPNs from a renowned international roster of scientists, clinical investigators, academics and hematologists..
On the pathway to beat polycythemia veraby Zhen One of the great mysteries about JAK2 inhibitors is they seem to work whether or not a patient has the mutation.  This was one of the findings that led Shauguang Li to zero in on genes downstream of the JAK2 signalling that may be decisive in developing PV.  Part of the “Behind the Lab Door,” series.
On trial for her lifeby Barbara Beckman  Long before there was Jakafi, there was ruxolitinib. And long before the Phase III clinical trial that was decisive for its FDA approval, there were dosage and toxicity trials.  Barbara has been there from the beginning and tells her story.
Panic Attack! by Moshe Leib The unusual but effective crustacean cure for a panic attack. It works best with a wife along for the ride.
Poetry Cornerby Arnie McConnell The poet laureate of MPNforum makes his debut with a paean to PV…
Poetry Corner – April  …and follows it up with the theme song to our Singles stories, backed up by the incomparable Ella.
Remembering Karl/by  Zhen Karl Kevin Lachevet grabbed all our hearts as he  posted words of encouragement,  jokes, and graphic descriptions from his hospice bed. He steps out of the shadows in this memorial that gave us all our first glimpse of the man, his circumstances and his family.
Reversing fibrosis/ by Zhen  LOX, lysysl oxidase plays an important construction role in the body It’s a potent initiator of essential activity among various cell types. But LOX enzymes running wild can be a trouble-making gang rampaging through the blood production system. This is the story of Katya Ravid’s lab and her work in reversing associated fibrosis.
Ruxolitinib on Trialby Zhen “For the first time we have a treatment (for MF),” said trial investigator Dr. Claire Harrison of Guy’s and St. Thomas, London “that meaningfully reduces spleen size and addresses the burden of disabling symptoms.”This is the extensive coverage of ruxolitinib from before its dramatic successes were reported at the ASCO meeting in Chicago through its presentation by Drs. Verstovsek and Mesa.
Sam’s Artby Cyndy Morreale Though forced by his advancing MPN disabilities to limit his movements, Sam Morreale was able to create blazing, colorful art in his modified studio.  The exhibit was curated by his wife, Cyndy.
Sam, Remembered/ by Cyndy Morreale After Sam’s passing, Cyndy shares the story of their extraordinary life together and presents more of Sam’s work.
September song An early Autumn reflection on the state of MPN support and the upcoming MPNforumissue.
Shalom, Charlotteby Shelly Levin Charlotte’s life is celebrated by her husband in a pictorial review of their days together.
Solo–Ah the single life/ by Ann Haehn As Genny recovers from her SCT, her mother reflects on the difficulty of being a single mother raising small children while suffering from a deadly, debilitating MPN.  She needed a village.
Tefferi Drops the Other Shoeby Zhen Amid the euphoria over Jakafi’s approval y the FDA, Dr.Ayalew Tefferi launched a blistering counter-attack, first in the NEJM (see NYC goes MPD) and now in a YouTube video presenting his study of 1000 Mayo Clinic patients.
Polly and Milo on Planet MPN Two cartoons to accompany the MPN Patient Support List stories
The binder goes everywhereby Emily Doering A run in with Anagrelide was one of the events that convinced Emily she had to become an active patient and couldn’t offload that responsibility to her doctors.  Her magic weapon:  the binder!
The Caregiverby Barbara Kurtz What happens when an MPN patient is forced to become the Caregiver when her husband suffers a stroke?
The forgotten MPN Patient — Proliferative conferences, an editorial MPN Conferences can only go so far in reaching MPN patients.
The ListEllen Jacquart, Editor The List of local hematologists recommended by MPN patients, publicly available.
The Marijuana Papersby David Ensey When prescriptions don’t work and pot does what’s an MPN patient to do?
The numbers game/ by Beatice Larroque How long am I going to live. When the computer says 3 to 5 years and you have young kids, that answer isn’t good enough.
Web Publishing Workshops/Internships Two part-time jobs, one publishing workshop offered to volunteers.
West Palm Beach MPN Conference…in deep winter!!!! Another Eastern MPN Conference…but this one has another attraction.
  What’s with MPN-NET?/ by Zhen Accused of being on the take…what’s the only possible response?
Whatever happens, I’m Joe Evans Joe Evans has been through it all  We’ve heard some of it from his wife, Bonnie, but here Joe tells us lots more…and how he feels about what’s coming.
When DNA results get personal/ by Ashley Gould Ashley Gould, who presented the 23andMe MPN research initiative last year, reports on a SNP finding associating JAK2 gene with MPNs, a result uncovered with powerful implications for the kind of research possible once the full MPN patient cohort is completed. What’s her personal risk?
Zhen on Fiddling  On a little known association between fiddling and MPN research.
 Enjoying every morning, Beatrice Larroque
 dice2  Rethinking bone marrow biopsies, Zhenya Senyak
Dr. William Dameshekcredit:  The newest MPN —   controversy and confusion over preMF
 The list of hematologists, Ellen Jacquart, Ed
 Out of the dark,  Janice Creed
   Rolling Out the Big GunsZhen
  MPNclinic INDEX all questions

Tony (l.) with actor, director Peter Coyote

 Tony’s Last Documentary
 Ian Paul 1  Ian Sweet — Human face of AML
   Nathalie’s DiscoveryNathalie Cook
   Stem Cell DiaryPat Hensley
 News Briefs…Junk DNA….Organics
   Recipes for Good Eating
 Dr. Arch on Bedside Nursing
 On trial with CYT387 (Harvey GOuld)  Michael Goldstein on Empathy
 Harvey Gould on his “first.”
 Harvey Gould’s “First”
 Joyce cropped head  October, 2011 Cover  MPN Heroes
 Shaoguang  On the pathay to beat PV  Dr. Shaoguang Li and ALOX
 harvey thumbs up  A path out of the forest  Harvey Gould: the Long and Winding Road
Arch’s Corner/ by Dr. Arch Mcc rArch gets rid f toxic baggage.
Arch’s Corner An advancing tide of MPN understanding, some history, some conjecture
Arch’s Corner rMusings of an elderly 20thCentury doctor – The way it was.
Arch’s Corner Stasis dermatitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome. And coke bottle leg. O my.
 Arch’s Corner   On ascites and edema
 Arch’s Corner  On anti-oxidants
  The Long and Winding Road /by Harvey Gould Karen becomes the driver, Harveyresigns from the partnership
The Long and Winding Living in two worlds at the same time. 
The Long and Winding   Cockiness and MF
The Long and Winding  Harvey debates quitting the practice
The Long and Winding  The first crossroad
 Cockiness and MF
The Empowered Patient/ by Dr. Michael Goldstein Michael makes New Year’s resolutions
Empowered Patient Top ten ways to be more empowered
Empowered Patient How to make informed decisions /
 Empowered Patient  On hearing
 Empowered Patient  Personal Health Records
MPNLife/by Jeremy Smith The power of juice and nutrients.
MPNLife/Jeremy rVitamins and supplements.. in search of magic in pills.
MPNLife/Jeremy Fatigue.. and how to deal with it, crawl-walk-run
Mind-Body-Spirit/ by Patricia Wagner   A catastrophic stroke and near-death experience was the result of an uncontrolled MPN.  Health miraculously regained upon using about the mind, body and spirit connection in conjunction with standard medical care.
Mind-Body-Spirit/by Patricia Wagner  The new science of epigenetics points the way to transforming the body by changing the mind and spirit.
Mind-Body-Spirit/  The field of the subconscious mind includes your body itself.  Therefore, transform your mind and your body will follow.
 Mind-Body-Spirit/  On affirmations
r Mind-Body-Spirit/ Gain pain relief, a peaceful heart, and glimpses into your own subconscious programming through Mindfulness Meditation.  Step-by-step instruction, including an online workshop by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn.
Mind-Body-Spirit/by Patricia Wagner Awareness of the unity of life and many personal blessings through prayer,.  The author’s own belief that prayers for healing are answered, even if not yet visible
r Mind-Body-Spirit/ There are complementary practices, leading to health, for even YOU.  A review of the options and look ahead. .
Mind-Body-Spirit/  The art of Courageous Visualization for health:  Read an example of an effective visualization A video with expert Shaki Gawain. .
 Recovered and out of Sequence  Recovered and out of Sequence  Recovered and out of Sequence
 Follow the Yellow Brick Road/ by Zhen  The JAK-STAT pathway, how the process works to regulate — or dysregulate — blood production.
   Enjoying every morning, Beatrice Larroque
 Rethinking bone marrow biopsies, Zhenya Senyak
PrePMF,  The newest MPN — controversy and confusion, Zhen
 Poetry Corner:  Out of the dark,  Janice Creed
 Powerhouse Bay Area Patient Conference
  23andMe and the DNA offer
   On death and dying  The gift of myelofibrosis
   MPNclinic   September, 2012
 MPNclinic  October, 2012
 MPNclinic  November,2012
 ASH entry1  December 2012 Cover  Special Report, ASH 2012
 tired  Nov-Dec 2012 Cover  The Fatigue Project
 Getting to ASH  Intro to Special Report
 JAK chem  JAK -a proliferation of uninhibited promise  A rundown on JAK inhibitors

Dr. Richard SilverWeill-Cornell

Dr. Richard Silver

 Silver on Interferon  Interview, video Dr. Richard Silver
 On trial with CYT387  Harvey Gould, 1st hand report
 Empowered patient sets goals  Michael’s year-end bid to end smoking
 Januayr 15 2013 cover  January 2013 Cover  The Missing Patient

JAK-Stat Pathway, Source Nature Reviews, Immunology

JAK-Stat Pathway, Source Nature Reviews, Immunology

 The Secrets of JAK2 Inhibition  War Against the Clones
 jakafi cab 7  The Jakafi Report  A survey of 21 MPN patients using Jakafi in its first year.
 PRESENT HALL  The Missing Patient  Why our fatigue isn’t treated
 mpnclinic  MPNclinic – January 15
 Michael Goldstein on SCT
 Jeremy headshot  MPNLife- Exercising with MF  
 Beatrice fighter Beatrice Larroque   Living with a chronic disease  A round by round account
 Andrew Schorr A lucky duck with MF
 Harvey  Harvey Gould – A little kvetch, a little kvell
 newsboy  Newsbriefs – January 15 2013
 January, 2013:  Cover
 MPNclinic – February 15
 The Fatigue Project – On-line survey
 Seven years of silence
 What is the Fatigue Project
 The Facebook SCT Meeting
 patsy with mask  Too old for SCT
 A mother’s tale continues
 stink bug  Zhen looks at SCT biological warfare
 Report from Cardiff
 Joyce Niblack/Mayo Conference
 Eric at Play  Tribute to Eric James
 A valentine from Harvey
 All aboard with Mary Cotter
 February 2012 SPlash  The February 15 Cover
   The Last, old MPNforum
 March 2013 cover  MPNclinic, March 15, 2013
 Survey 889 Responses Summary  The MRF Project, Survey update
 Flash gordon interferon adj  All three parts: I: Alick Isaacs, Discovering Interferon; II. Richard Silver, bringing interferon to MPNs; III. Interferon and the treatment of PV, ET and MF  The Interferon Papers  interferon papers all three graphic
   A love letter to Miriam – Arnie McConnell
 SCT Family Event – MPD Voice
 June 2012 cover  June, 2012 Cover
 March 2014  March 15, 2013 cover
 april 15 Forum Cover  April 15,2013 cover
 Silencing genes- Panobinostat
 Reversing fibrosis – Promedior  
   The Patient’s Playbool  
   Fatigue Project Report — Interventions by Dr. Robyn Emmanuel and Mary Cotter
 Seven MPN Heresies  
 Home Page January 12  Home Page, January 2012  Triumph of the MPN Spirit
 Home Page July, 2012 Jakafi and broccoli  Home Page, July 2012
 Home page Summer Supplement 2012  Summer Supplement, 2012
 November 2013  November, 2013
 MPNForum Dec Jan 2013  December-January (2013-14)
 MPNclinic teachingMPNclinicMPNclinic  The first six MPNcliics with INDEXThe Combined MPNclinics (first six)  Six Clinics – The Index Project, PLUS FIRST DRAFT INDEX
 Jan 15 2014 tribute  January 15, 2014 Tribute Issue
 HG maypole  The Long and Winding Road/Cliff
 harvey thumbs up  Long and Winding Road/Don’t pass GO
 March 2014  March issue, 2014
 ZH sml  Sanofi — Special Patient Safety Report  This is the comprehensive report on Sanofi’s Fedratinib (SAR302503) clinical trial blow-up  that launched the Zebra Coalition and the Patient Advocate Petition   Published January 26, 2014
 zebra handsome single  Behind the Collapse of Sanofi’s Fedratinib/TSR   The summary of investigation, call to action, Exhibits, published December 11, 2013
 April 2014  April, 2014
 May-2014  May, 2014
 summer 2014  Summer, 2014
 Autumn 2014  Autumn, 2014
 November, 2014 MPNforum  November 2014
 January 2015 After ASH  January, 2015
 February 2015  February, 2015
 Spring, 2015  Spring, 2015
 Summer 2015  Summer. 2015 Now CRISPR targets MPN genes (Four months of CRISPR)
 George Church 2 cr opped George Church on synthetic biology and MPNS. (
 Jacob Corn Jacob Corn no one’s hiding their stuff:
 Rachel best The Two Faces of Rachel Haurwitz

News: CRISPR comes to MPNs

CRISPR.. What are we waiting for? (The CREATE Seminar)

 August 2015 Forum

August 2015

Pajama DIaries…CHZ868…CREATE Seminar, the long and winding road out of MPNs…Ellen and the List.
 Autumn, 2015  Autumn, 2015  Farewell to Joe, Ross and CHZ868 interview. All about JAK,  A Song for Harvey  TSR — Inteferon safe for JAK neg patients?…Sunshine At and Dollars for Docs…
 Forum oct 2015  October, 2015  Cold Spring Harbor Meeting, gene edited SCT,  Feng Zhang and Cpf1, Letter from Jerry Spivak on Dollars for Docs,  Eugenics, Jacob Corn joins board, CREATE meeting
 julie and Lori HikeMF  Points of Light… Patients, caregivers and friends getting together to raise money for research into myelofibrosis.
 MidNovember  Mid-November (2015)
 MPNforum December 2015  December, 2015
January 2016  January, 2016
 Forum Spring 2016  Spring, 2016
 Forum Summer 2016  Summer, 2016
 fall-2016  Fall, 2016
 cchexia fiddle  Cachexia
   Winter, 2016

  Spring, 2017
   Summer, 2017
   Fall, 2017 Winter, 2017
Special Report –SSTT and MPN Patient Care Survey with Stem Cell Transplant Taskforce
Jakafi warning signs
 December, 2018 – The Big Issue
    Summer, 2019
July-August, 2019
January, 2020
Spring, 2020

August 2020

October, 2020
Coming Attractions, Summer 21Summertime 2021: Coming Attractions
COVID Special Report May 21

TSR — My old flame

September, 2021

TSR- Reflections

October, 2021

TSR – Winter 2021-2022`
TSR-The Burning Planet ‎  Autumn 2022


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