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Web Publishing Workshops/Internships


Two part-time jobs, one workshop.

Two Internships

We have always relied on volunteers for short-term task. Interns will be working in two areas where continuity is required:  archiving and communications.   The Archive Intern will be working on cataloging and indexing articles. The Search box on the MPNforum home page can only do part of that job.  We need to produce an archive of key word indexing as well as title, subject and author indexing.   No one here has the skills or knowledge to do this job properly, so if you’re up for it you’re the head of the department. Congratulations, you get the window office

Communications is an outreach program to others with the same or related focus on supporting patients with blood cancers.  We want to establish a network of cross-links so we can rapidly access MPN patients and caregivers, share news of meetings, fund-raising events, scientific breakthroughs,  FDA warnings, etc.  The Communications Intern will be contacting foundation and non-profit executives via telephone and on-line to explore cooperative activities and develop a working relationship.   This intern with help create a media distribution list — on-line, print, broadcast — and occasionally issue a press release. Training available.

The Web Publishing Workshop

March, 2012, times to be arranged   Four one-half hour individual sessions,  plus approximately eight hours working independently. Requirement, basic computer skills  Limited to four participants.  No fee.

If you ever wanted to field your own blog or help out your organization charity,  church or business with a webpage, this workshop will get you started.

In four weekly on-line sessions over the course of one month, we’ll guide you through opening your own blog and  converting it to a web page or publication.  You’ll learn how to layout a page, upload graphics, work with type, and use the power of WordPress widgets to expand you blog’s usefulness.

Prior to each session you’ll receive instructions and copy or graphic materials we will be using.   Each individual  session, via telephone, e-mail, chat or Skype will take approximately 30 minutes with opportunities to ask questions and have work reviewed between sessions,

You’ll work from your home on your computer, at your own pace.  We will provide elements of an MPNforum Magazine story, photographs and copy in a Word document.

Limit:  Four workshop participants per month. Strong preference given to applicants who can work part-time on MPNforum projects.

To apply:  Send an e-mail to indicating which program you’re interested in, your time availabilities, and best way to contact you.  (And, honestly, can you give us a hand after you’ve graduated with honors?)

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