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Winter – ASH 2016


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Surprising outcome: Hydroxurea vs. Interferon

Ropeginterferon disappoints…MPD-RC delivers….momelotinib scores

Views: Crispino, Harrison, Mascarenhas, Mesa, Scherber, Silver, Spivak, Stein, Verstovsek



Precision medicine, imprecise drugs: MPN treatment enters 2017.

For the MPN community, the American Society of Hematology meeting in San Diego was a mixed bag.  Our knowledge of driving mutations clearly advanced but once again we return from the annual meeting empty-handed.  No new drugs, terrible news on the CAR-T immunotherapy front (seven deaths, five on an acute leukemia trial) and no breakthrough meds in sight. Last year’s contenders — imetelstat, PRM-151, pacritinib — are either on clinical hold or no-shows. But all is not lost.  We have new  weapons against anemia, new treatment options, improved SCT options and new clinical trials. Maybe next year. 


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Hydroxyurea vs. Interferon  — Big European and US trials agree on shocking verdict in the first round.

Momelotinib “Things are very good.”  Behind the data, stories from two patients on the Baltimore clinical trial.

Expert takeaways from ASH —  Cliff Notes on ASH from the very best in the business. 



ASH Impressions  

Why we have no new drugs


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The MPNclinics – 302 answers to 141 Patient questions… with Index

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  1. I applauded the work you do Zhen, absolute dedication..To this and to the forum in general when you are good enough to advise people individually. What a gent! Thank you for everything and a merry Christmas to you and yours …

    • Thank you and warm wishes to you and and all our MPN family this holiday season. While I appreciate your kind comment, we need to acknowledge our Charming Gardeners (, the few hundred who step up to make the Forum possible for all of us through the Small Donation Program…and our astonishing hematologists who take time from incredibly busy schedules to offer us their insights and advice without reward or need for public exposure. And mostly all the hundreds of patients and caregivers who contribute stories, production services and share their MPN lives with us. For me, MPNforum has been a long-running social experiment in cooperation in the crucible of lethal disease and sustaining hope. Its simple survival continues to amaze and humble me.

  2. Margaret Sims said:

    Congratulations, Zhen, on another great, information-packed edition of MPN Forum Magazine. We are so fortunate to have such first-class reporting and writing. Thank you!!!

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