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December 2018– The Big Issue


The Biggest, Greatest, Ugliest Issue of MPNforum ever!

A Winter Wonderland of MPN Reading.. (OK, that’s pushing it a bit…but take a look at this lineup):

Incyte promotes Jakafi for PV at San Diego ASH meeting


Conflict of Interest…   

How it hurts us, how it corrupts medical practice, breeds distrust…. including Survey: Patient views of COI. 

How much of the JAKAFI pitch for PV is real, how much is hype? 

A close examination of Incyte’s determination to slip Jakafi into the PV medicine chest…and the tsunami of cash that paves the way.  Focus: The Emperor’s New Clothes.

SPECIAL UPDATE:   The FDA responds: Catalog of Jakafi Risks/Incyte’s trial

 More power to a a Life saving tool,  Over 9,000 people clicked on this free SCT Timing Tool to measure their MF risk.  Now stem cell transplant timing tool adds more power.

A poster snatched from the ASH exhibit. You’ve seen the results of our big MPN Patient Care Survey. Here’s the brilliant job Dr. Robyn Scherber ‘s brilliant job of presenting it at ASH,

Mesa on the breakthroughs at ASH
What happened this year at ASH that’s going to make a difference in what our doc’s offer us on our next visit. Can’t do much better than Dr. Ruben Mesa’s wrap thanks to MPN Advocacy and Education.

New Atlas of MPN Mutations with predictions for survival…This one from our friends at Cambridge may actually be a game changer…eventually

Plus the return of writers:

Mary Cotter
  Mary takes us through her MPN and dog trials with equal style and grace.

Jeremy Smith, Witch Doctors. This one’s a Golden Oldie sent along by Jeremy as a reminder,

Bonnie Evans, Remembering Joe. A love story that continues after loss.

Barbara Ann Kurtz..From nurse to ace reporter, Barbara takes us through her MPN journey in much too brief a treatment,

Zhenya Senyak… An irreverent look at the Last ASH ever. (With Dr. R.T. Silver and the Boys of ASH.)

Now if all that isn’t worth the price of admission check out the dessert menu:

December 10, 2018 Update   

List of 284 Patient-Recommended Hematologists from 25 Nations & 43 States

‘Twas the Night before Christmas

The MPNclinics – 302 answers to 141 Patient questions… with Index

Stem cell transplant — Six front-line stories and some vital links.

THE ARCHIVES:  A Visual Catalog of MPNforum Articles. ..

  The 2018 MPNforum Annual Report

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