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Triumph of the MPN Spirit

 “It got my blood boiling….” 

That’s an expression with some real folk wisdom for us with MPNs. After all,  over-heated blood production is a mark of MPNs one way or another. 
            The other side to that is the heated energy many bring to their extraordinary efforts to overcome their MPN challengesAs we head into a new year,  we celebrate the triumphs of this MPN spirit in a series of features.

            There’s Marty Prager, briefly floored with MF, bouncing back with fighting spirit through his stem cell transplant and recovery….ET-dx’ed Sevy Gouliemos is seen raising her arm in victory after her grueling bike ride across a wild stretch of Canada. But behind that gesture is tragedy, struggle, and perservance….Robert Tollen, PV patient and founder of  patient-run e-mail support lists  is known to most of us…but this is a  Robert Tollen you probably don’t know as he reveals his struggles and  motivations …And here’s another kind extraordinary effort.  Follow Manuela Manuel as she persists in her long journey to a London MPN patient event, sharing a mini-documentary of fatigue, despair and hope…Our columnists this month – Harvey GouldMichael Goldstein and Patrica Wagner have each selected different and sometimes overlapping paths to flourish in their MPN journey – art, humor, medicine, outreach, spiritual repair, exercise – and openly share what they have found along the way. Finally, there’s Dr. Arch, our venerable family physician, looking in on us all and sharing some observations before he turns out the light and makes his rounds. 

Have a peaceful, happy holiday season.

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 Contents: January 2012:  (Click on RED link )

Articles:…Marty’s Stem Cell Transplant …..My Robert ….Sevy’s Ride … ..Manuela’s  Journey……Drop the “D” Crisis in MPN Care….Nearly Painless BMB….News Briefs .

Columns:  The Empowered Patient ….The Long and Winding Road..:..Jeremy’s MPN Life :… Body-Mind-Spirit and Prayer .
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  1. Ginger Rice said:

    Your “My Robert” is not my Robert. I was with his group from about 1996. Thankful for the resource; I learned so much & shared off and on. We had no problems & no arguments. The information on the censorship issue is not as I remember. I do have information that supports my memory. We don’t need further issues so I will not follow this line any further.

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