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Lend a hand…if you can.

Keep it simple.  Keep it small. Make it work!

MPNforum Magazine runs on a minimal budget.  But with no revenues and a requirement for fulltime publishing, even minimum can be a lot.

   We need funds for small stuff.  Supplies, mostly.  Computer maintenance,  software upgrades, phones,  website services and keeping the lights on.

The Forum is for all of us.   These are our stories, our MPN realities.  Right now, we could use more of you…and a little bit of your money.

Over 350 of us have contributed to  MPNforum in our first seven months…articles, photos, proofreading, programming.     The Forum is designed to be a cooperative MPN patient project.   We need you  to learn the publishing ropes, to take a hand in the day to day operations to help keep this light shining over our community.

To volunteer, just write me, and let me know what you’d like to do.  We’ll find you a spot.

And we need your moneyNothing big, donations of $5 would be fine, enough to buy a stake in the Forum, a ream of paper, a print cartridge.  This is not a tax deductible donation.  It’s vote of confidence  as much as an investment in our common MPN community.

Donations for MPNforum can be made securely through our Paypal Blue Mountain Schoolhouse account or by Mail, c/o Zhenya Senyak, PO Box 17142, Asheville. NC 28816.

Keep your heart wide open, but please keep your donations small. We need a whole lot of heart…and just a little bit of cash.


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