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Sam, Remembered

Sam Morreale, Artist.

“ I always believed in being constantly busy, and work- work – working … but this disease has slowed me way down and makes me wish I’d slowed down sooner in my life. I’m enjoying my days more and not minding too much that everything has come to a screaming halt. I want my time to count and when it can’t – I want to check out gracefully and leave my space to the next guy. I’m anxious to see what the next adventure is and so hope I’ve lived my life well enough not to come back as a damned cat! “

Our Life

by Cyndy Morreale

I love waking up in the morning to find my husband Sam, paintbrush in hand, working on his latest art creation. His art is big, bold, and very colorful … much like Sam has always lived life.

JAZZ -- Poster for Art Exhibit

In my 30 years of being with him we have had many a crazy adventure, beginning with owning a clothing optional hot-spring, having a dinner cruise boat on the Sarasota Bay and building a botanical garden in the Caribbean island of Saba. There were trips to Bolivia, Central America, France and Italy; and cross-country drives that spawned new ideas with every city we saw and every restaurant we ate at. We couldn’t take a vacation without Sam coming home to implement some cool idea we’d discovered on our journey.

In 2007 Sam and I sold our restaurant and piano bar and prepared to get back to our travelling ways again. A diagnosis of myelofibrosis and later myelodysplastic syndrome curtailed any dreams and put a stop to those plans.

Anastazi Sunset

There was never a consideration of getting a bone marrow transplant. Sam was already into his 60’s and made it very clear he had no intention of going through such a risky procedure for his age. “I decided that if it’s terminal either way, why bother?’ Sam said. “I’m not afraid to die, and I don’t want to spend my final days in some hospital. I’d just as soon die at home and skip the aggravation. Worst-case scenario, your energy is low and you’re tired most of the time.” Sam felt he would try to live with that.’

One Way



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