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Poetry Corner – April

Give Me The Single Life
(remembering Ella)

Some think it’s lonely; I’m one and only,
Far from the noise and strife
But I find it quiet
Feign to deny it!
Give me the single life.

My life’s more subtle than that of a couple.
Who needs a hub or wife?
I’m on my own,
In a true-freedom zone,
Give me the single life.

A plastic seat in a diner;
popcorn on movie night.
Could be that your life is finer,
But, for me, my own world is right.

Not everyone can… get enough passion.
Fire can turn to ice.
It works?  Then renew it.
I think I’ll eschew it.
Give me the single life.

A walk through the park in the evening,
A casual stroll through the zoo.
My friends think that I might be grieving.
O, babe, if they only knew…

When it’s the season, love finds a reason,
For lightning to strike twice.
Don’t count out the off-chance
That romance’s not no manse
Give me the single life.

(Love to my Peeps…and to my darling Maureen)

– Arnie McConnell

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Comments on: "Poetry Corner – April" (3)

  1. Pam Coopersmith said:

    Thank you Arnie. Well appreciated.

  2. Arnie McConnell said:

    Hi, Pam:

    The internet is an odd medium. A person pecks something out on a keyboard, and it travels to all different places. One thing that cannot be calibrated as we hunt and peck and hit the return button is “degree of profundity.”

    What you and your husband are living through is profound. Only in the broad sense that I have a form of cancer, too, can I expect to empathize with you. And, to the extent that I can, I do.

    Please know that you and he are in my thoughts and that I send only the most tender and loving vibes your way.

    Arnie McConnell

  3. Pam Coopersmith said:

    A lovely poem and very personally comforting. Although I am an ET patient myself, I am right now laying in a hospital bed next to my husband of 38 years. he is 57 years old. You see, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer in November and is now fighting what is the last battle of his life. Rooming here with him as he battles I am faced with the fact that I too will be living the single life at some point ahead. Thanks. For the encouragement tonight.

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