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Autumn, 2022


Seriously, where is your MPN headed?

For a science based objective look, see the MPN Risk Assessment Suite .created with contributions from more than two dozen world class hematologists, researchers, patient advocates, scientists, and transplant specialists.

The MPN Risk Assessment Suite is a series of tests and supporting documents to help you explore your MPN status with your hematologist

The MPN Symptom Assessment Form

The revised graphic MAGIC stem cell transplant timing tool

Rankings and insights into the most Common MPN Mutations

Links to alternate clinical tools to measure your MPN Risk

Listing of participating physicians, scientists and patient advocates


The MPN Risk Assessment Suite of Tools is an Open Source MPN community project. A Contact form is included  for your questions, corrections and proposed additions.

Here’s your copy:  MPN Risk Assessment Suite

Thank you!

Special thanks to Carlos Garces,  Helen Iden,  Jeremy Smith, Avraham Dworsky,  and Mary Cotter. for continuing support of MPNforum publications. We don’t need much but small donations help and are appreciated. These five patients kept the lights on for all of us. 

Looking for something?

The LIST of MPN Patient Recommended Physicians… 

The full MPN Clinic Index and ResponsesHERE.

The MPN Quarterly Journal

And  the Graphic Catalog with links to several hundred past MPNforum issues from 2011-2022  Find old favorites, old friends, science and medicine reports, and a decade plus of MPN history with a click.

(If you’re really stuck trying to find an article go to Google, type in MPNforum: followed by a description of what you’re searching for.  Or write us at Always good to hear from you.)

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