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TSR Winter, 2021-2022

MPN Survival… Prayer –Does it make a difference?

COVID impact on the MPN patient population.  Results of the pilot survey.

MPN-MAGIC…Test ride these powerful MPN diagnostic tools

Notice:   List of Good MPN Docs — Restricted use protections
Jane Frantz’ Lemon Pound Cake… happiness in a single bowl..

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With special thanks to Carlos Garces,  Helen Iden,  Jeremy Smith, Avraham Dworsky, Trisha Margeson, Mary Cotter. Ellen Jacquart and Ben Hansen,for continuing support of MPNforum publications.

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The new and expanded LIST of MPN Patient Recommended Physicians… 

To get to the MPNforum Magazine iSummertime 2021 Issue with the MPN Symptom Assessment form, and Dr. Nicolaus Krogers paper on Survival Odds after Stem Cell Transplant … Or  the full MPN Clinic Index and Responses, HERE.

The Fall, 2021 issue is HERE.  For last month’s issue on Mutations, inflammation and research that turned MPN diagnostics on its head go HERE

The current issue of the MPN Quarterly Journal has much more on the mutations affecting us.

For a quick check up on your own progress, there’s both the MPN Symptom Assessment Form and the Myelofibrosis prognostic scoring tests on the MPN MAGIC site.

You can always find Back Articles and Issue Covers with links at The Catalog page:

If you’re really stuck go to Google, type in MPNforum: followed by a description of what you’re searching for.  Or write us at Always good to hear from you.

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