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Summer, 2019


Stumbling into the MPN Genomic Era.

“The genetic landscape of MPN patients has been successfully dissected within the past years with the advent of new sequencing technologies. Integrating the genetic information within a clinical setting is already benefitting patients in terms of disease monitoring and prognostic information of disease progression….”
 Mutations in myeloproliferative neoplasms… Schischlik F, Kralovics R..

 Meet the 15 Top MPN Mutations

The Little Almanac of MPN Mutations, with its naming, description and expert comments from scientists on 15 of the most common MPN mutations is designed to help raise our awareness of the nature of mutations driving and expanding our myeloproliferative neoplasms.

This is an alphabetic listing of the most prevalent genes based on the Grinfeld, Nangalia study surveying  MPN patients across all MPN phenotypes Each mutation is ranked, followed by the percentage of patients carrying the mutation and expert comment. 

A description of the nature of mutations, genes and DNA plus the full Little Almanac of MPN Mutations is in the MPN Quarterly Journal. You can access the story here.

Where do we stand on mutation testing?

While we argue the merits of Pegasys vs hydroxyurea and consider the risks and benefits of Jakafi, right before our eyes a true revolution is taking place. The MPN landscape is changing shape. Under our feet, the ground is shifting away from drugs to the genomic root of MPNs. Are we ready?

As in any revolution there are those on the front lines and those late adopters on the sidelines. Of particular concern is the wide gulf between patients and physicians. Where do we stand?.

Here are the survey results of 1068 MPN patients


List of 298 Patient-Recommended Hematologists from 27 Nations & 47 States

The MPNclinics – 302 answers to 141 Patient questions… with Index

Stem cell transplant — Six front-line stories and some vital links.

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