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November, 2014

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 November, 2014

E coli Ag Res Mag

What this guy taught us may cure our MPNs

Come visit an ancient planet, the origins of CRISPR, the genetic tool that is changing everything. [Link]


= Credit:Frank C. 2013, TripAdvisor

    MPD-RC:  Birthplace of a Vision.
MPD rc logoThis MPN medical dream team has lots of clinical trials and a robust tissue bank. So why is it flying below the radar?   [Link]


What makes a Good Patient?
5 MPNclinic specialists speak out. You might be surprised.

What makes a Good Hematologist?
5 experienced MPN patients speak out.  Join the discussion. [Link]


Impressions of ESH 


Estoril Poster


TSR mast


 finger pointing smallThe unfaithful Chris Harper… [Link ]

ASH….Trials, findings, hopes and  dreamsIt’s’s all on the line. Scientific abstracts from the World Series of Hematology will be posted on-line Thursday, November 6. It’s your chance to armchair surf ASH.

Geron back in the hunt… The FDA lifted its full clinical hold on imetelstat and signed off on Geron’s plan to focus on MF and other high-risk myeloid malignancies.   The hold had been placed based on reports of liver function abnormities suffered by patients treated with imetelstat in previous Phase 2 ET and multiple myeloma trials. 14 of the 18 patients followed up by Geron resolved to normal or baseline and of the remaining four, three showed improvement. Geron is expected to resume Phase 2 clinical trial of imetelstat early in 2015.  The company will provide an operational update via an audio and slide presentation which will be webcast at1:50 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, November 19, 2014.

PRM-151 on fast track…The FDA has granted Fast Track designation to PRM-151 for the treatment of myelofibrosis. The Fast Track designation expedites the development and review process for drugs   The FDA grants Fast Track designation to drugs that have the potential to address unmet medical needs. The designation could expedite the development and review process. The Promedior anti-fibrotic approach to MF and details of its clinical trials are here.


You can read the current issue of the Q right here! How I treat MPNs? …Silver, Mesa, Hasselbalch, Harrison Aspirin, Platelets and Thrombosis… by J.J. Michiels Interferon instructions for my patients… H.C. Hasselbalch MQJ3header line

The List and Map of 150+  Patient-Recommended Hematologists

The First Six Combined MPNclinics with Index

The Catalog of Articles. ..

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