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Get involved in 2012 — Join your MPN friends at the Forum

 Make a difference…Join the Forum.

Here’s three ways:

1.  Just point your computer to and add your voice to the discussion by commenting at the end of articles or columns.  You can also propose new articles you want to write…or see published, volunteer your services as a proofreader, editor, web guru, etc.   One e-mail address for everything: ourMPNforum@gmail.comNearly 60,000 patients and caregivers have  come to the Forum.

 2.  Subscribe to MPNforum.  It’s easy.  Just click on the SUBSCRIBE button on each page.  That way you’ll get news of events, posts, and advance notice of publication dates.   As a subscriber you’ll also be able to apply for membership in the MPNforum Facebook page.

3. The MPNforum Facebook group is a “Closed” group.  No, no secret handshakes, no special passwords, no codes.   All that means is the comments and conversations on that page are invisible to the rest of the Internet, Facebook or not.

The idea was to set up a secure place for a small group to discuss articles, medical issues, or just have informed conversations  about MPNs and whatever social or medical issues we want to talk about. Members have to register both with Facebook and MPNforum.  To sign up, just go to the MPNforum Facebook page and ask to join.

MPNforum — the MPN community magazine–

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