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Last Issue of the Old MPNforum

With this issue, MPNforum Magazine completes two years and is moving on.

It’s time for a change


And we could use a hand. 

 Over the past two years – with the pooled creative resources of the MPN community ––  we have reported, advocated, educated exposed, investigated, fulminated, translated, and sometimes even entertained through a monthly blizzard of articles, photos, columns, videos, features, cartoons and news coverage.

Now that there are many thousands of fellow patients on board with the Forum and we’re supporting a couple of on-going serious projects —  the exploration of means to relieve MPN-related Fatigue through the  Fatigue Project  and the awesome MPNclinic staffed by the world’s top MPN specialists…plus those established resources folks count on like the List of Patient- Recommended Hematologists, and the Catalog of Abstracts covering hundreds of people, articles, profiles and science, we have to get serious.

MPNforum  – surviving on the work of volunteers,  creative contributions and small donations – has an obligation to change in order to survive.

There are better ways to fulfill our mission to provide the international MPN community with an active, colorful, accurate outlet for opinion, news, science, stories. Thus, the new MPNforum. And you can help shape it right here:

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To help us refine editorial content, please take a minute to fill out this quick two question survey.

 (Please scroll down to the bottom of the survey form and hit the SUBMIT button to register your votes.)

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MPNforum will become two publications:  The MPNforum Monthly and the MPNforum Quarterly.

The Quarterly, debuting June 21, will be more like a journal with longer, in-depth treatment of science, procedures, medicine, stories. It will be available in both on-line and print formats.

The Monthly will be a bit like its mother, MPNforum Magazine, but focused on publishing the wide array of materials on MPNs available worldwide each month.   Instead  of  three or four feature stories monthly we’re aiming a rich offering of photos and  short abstracts with links to articles, blogs, stories, posts, poems, lists, social media, scientific publications and flat out news.  The questionnaire will help us zero in on what you’re looking for in MPN coverage.

But how about an example?

Here’s Genny’s Hope Foundation,  the kind of  story we would link to in the new MPNforum Monthly…and a worthwhile place to visit in any case:

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genny's hope foundation

Genny’s Hope Foundation

Genny’s Hope Foundation sponsors a website designed originally by Ann Haehn in support of her daughter, Genny, Kathyfacing a stem cell transplant to address her myeloid disorders. The site has become a go-to place for information, stories and encouragement for SCT patients, caregivers and donors.  The current page features the story of Kathy who failed one SCT and is now readying herself for another.

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…or it could be something as brief as an e-mail from Nathalie Cook NATHALIE COOKletting us know her notes on the Scottsdale conference are now available…with slides from presenting docs on the website.

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You get the idea…Meantime, let us know what you think and hang on to this issue of MPNforum for your grandchildren.  It’s historic.   


The MPNforum Editorial Crew

Comments on: "Last Issue of the Old MPNforum" (3)

  1. Patsy Bushee said:

    I am impressed with the changes! Great job!

  2. margaret key said:

    Thankyou keep up the good work need all surport we can get living with Post ET-MF

  3. Sounds like a plan to me!

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