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December 2015 – The ASH Report


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The Orlando ASH Report

So where were you last week? You missed ASH and  the MPN gene editing seminar.  And you weren’t at the MPN Heroes’ Ball.  Don’t worry. We can get you up to speed without you going to all the expense and bother of travel and airport security.  Read on.

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Last week’s annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology kicked off with a perfect smorgasbord of MPN events:  The preliminary ASH morning meetings, the CREATE lunch seminar exploring gene therapy for MPNs, and the MPN Heroes dinner event in the evening.

Most of us will never attend an ASH annual meeting. On a practical level, for MPN patients and their caregivers, this mammoth yearend event produces reports of work in progress and breakthrough scientific findings to help us and our hematologists calibrate our therapeutic options.

Sorting through the immense detail and conflicting claims remains a task for others. Having attended these MPN events and met with many  investigators and researchers we can only offer two items of any likely value to our MPN community:  Our sense of the treatment landscape – what drugs and treatment options are at hand and what’s just over the horizon — and a candid look at the processes of these three meetings and what they say about our MPN community and our prospects for management and cure.

You can enter the conversation and further our understanding by contributing your own experiences in the COMMENTS space after each section.


Straight scoop on ASH, MPN drugs, clinical trials and credible scuttlebutt.
Drugs: Imetelstat, PRM-151,  Pacritinib, Interferon + rux… Clinical trials:  Two clinical trials to keep on your radarASH beauty shot cablesa nd slide in auditorium, one you never heard of. Scuttlebutt: Tefferi and Mascarenhas score… (It’s all in The Orlando ASH report)

The CREATE Seminar
When it comes to MPN gene therapy there’s still a lot of stuff to sort out.  CRE verstovsek on genetic complicationsWith all the upbeat news —  a gene edited leukemia cure, surging  CAR-T and immunotherapy and gene therapy trials —  the Seminar cites promise, cautions patience.  (MPN CRISPR What are we waiting for?)

MPN Heroes –Evolution of an academy award.
Who won the crystal JAKkie this year and is ithero raquel all worthwhile? (Photos/story Confessions of an MPN Hero Whore)

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 In the current MPN Quarterly Journal issue:  The hidden face of Janus  CHZ868, an experimental Type II JAK2 inhibitor targets inactive state of JAK2, rolls back MPN symptoms, reduces allele burden, and overcomes ruxolitinib resistance.   Plus: The Power of the pseudokinase:  Molecular modeling of the autoinhibitory action between the kinase and pseudokinase uncovers hidden pathogenic mechanism. Coming next month:  “Looking forward: Novel therapeutic approaches in chronic and advanced phases of myelofibrosis,” by John Mascarenhas.
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