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News Brief — Bay Area MPN Event

MPNforum endorses The MPN Research Foundation’s

Bay Area Patient Symposium

 if you’re anywhere on the West Coast this Thursday, May 17, head to San Mateo for one of the most outstanding opportunities in MPN Patient Education,

This is a true full bore patient educational event.

 There are four scheduled speakers (plus a panel discussion), and a half-hour with any one of them is worth far more than the $75 price of admission,  continental breakfast and lunch included.

 Look at this lineup:

Sloan Kettering’s Ross Levine, one of the brightest young MPN scientists/clinicians, fresh from the International MPN conference in Florence, Italy, is presenting some of the future therapies coming down the pike based on insights from current genetic studies….

The Mayo Clinic’s Ruben Mesa, the MPN World’s primary educator and key clinical investigator into, among other drugs, Jakafi,  is clarifying our options, talking about the role of currently available therapies.

Stanford’s Jason Gotlib is both an unpaid consultant on the big 23andMe MPN cohort project and principal investigator into the Cytopia JAK inhibitor trials now wrapping up extended Phase II and headed for the homestretch with some exciting data to report. He’s presenting the bottom line on what we know and don’t know about JAK inhibitors.

Loyola University’s Dr. Laura Michaelis is talking about a long-neglected subject affecting more than half of us:  Challenges for women with MPNs.”

The last seats are still available.  Call Juliana Gordon to nail down yours

 312.683.7249 or

Here’s the agenda 

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