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Introducing the New Editorial Board

Board of Editors, 2012

Harvey Gould

A writer, columnist and member of the MPNforum Editorial Board from its inception, Gould is married, has three children, six grandchildren, four cats, and a few horses.  Before his disease forced his early retirement from the practice of law about ten years ago, he was a partner and trial attorney at a law firm in San Francisco. Currently, he’s a legal recruiter, working with attorneys interested in transferring from one law firm to another.  He is a member of several mediation panels and serves as a mediator in a variety of different kinds of cases, often on a volunteer basis

He swears he will soon get back to horseback riding, a sport both he and his wife enjoyed for many decades, but which he’s been unable to pursue in the last several years because of numerous health challenges, not only from his MF, but from other diseases as well. He wrote a book The Fierce Local, published in 2011, about the numerous times he and his wife spent in Ireland over a twenty year period, including some of the lessons they learned as a result of his MF diagnosis.

Ann Haehn

Vice-President, Product Development, Precyse Technologies, Inc. Founder, Genny’s Hope Foundation.  Over 25 years of professional experience in the government, telecommunications, radio frequency, and information technology industries. Professional expertise seemed somehow to settle in product development implementation, including evaluating market trends, setting solution direction, managing lifecycle phase gates, and ultimately, in successfully launching revenue-generating products to market. Amateur Shakespearean buff, but cannot remember a single quote without cheat sheets. Desires to write fiction, but truthfully, life’s real stories have proven to be fiction enough. Avid knitter and reader,.loves to hike the Colorado Rockies, bike ride, and be in nature. Wonderful supportive husband, two fantastic adult children, and two adorable grandchildren who keep life bright and light. BA degree in English.

 Manuela Manuel
Since MPN/ET diagnosis in 2005 have been actively/passionately promoting self-management of long-term chronic health conditions as an accredited lay-tutor on the Expert Patient Program (Kate Lorig/Stanford University)
Born and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. Came to London in early 60s. Now lives in Devon, /UK.  Took early retirement in 1997 after spinal surgery affected mobility. During  70s and 80s worked in PR, Marketing and Accountancy mainly responsible for advertising, copy-writing and editing. Thereafter enjoyed long career in administration for the validation of graduate courses in fashion, fine arts and product design.
     Ellen Jacquart
  Raised in southern Wisconsin, I was one of eight children.  I took refuge in the outdoors from too many siblings in a small house and decided to somehow make my living studying and working in nature.  I became a botanist, looking for rare plants and protecting them.  I live with my husband and four cats in southern Indiana.


Zhenya Senyak

A lifetime career in community development, publishing and advertising (except for a blissful four year break as a licensed California auto mechanic).  Specialized in the computer and biotechnology industries, clients included IBM, Memorex, Intel, M, Pangea Biotechnology, Alza.  Active in community university movement, advertising creative director for the Village Voice, managed editorial services for Apple Computer leading to  the Macintosh introduction, author of two books, articles in science and business magazines, on-line media. BA in English/French, Alfred University,  MA,  NYU.

Editorial Board Members, Emeritus

Dr. Arch M.                                                                          Jeremy Smith 

Dr. Michael Goldstein, Consulting Member

Barbara Beckman,  Consulting Member

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Comments on: "Introducing the New Editorial Board" (3)

  1. gerald berman said:

    hello mr senyak,
    i understand you live in the asheville area…i have a home in maggie valley..can you recommend a hematologist there [in asheville] where i can get blood studies and transfusions for my mf while there.
    jerry berman md

  2. This from ARCH with request to forward:
    didn’t see a place for comments below the announcement. Please add my comments after it or somewhere in April issue. A.


    Harvey, Ann, Manuela, Ellen thanks for taking over the
    responsibilities. What an exciting and talented addition to the
    magazine each of you will be.. Your gracious willingness to pitch in
    and help Zhen with the magazine will add greatly to future editions as
    they have in past and present. Arch

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