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ASH Special Report: Silver on Interferon

Richard Silver MDDr. Richard Silver, professor of Medicine and Director of the Leukemia and Myeloproliferative Center at New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center, needs no introduction to readers of MPNforum Magazine.  The senior member of MPNclinic, he has been the subject of many articles and has contributed his own comments (and dissent) from time to time.

His career extends from the dark ages of hematology to the most advanced clinical trials now in progress. Along the way he has published more than 250 articles, led investigation into landmark MPN therapies.  For most of us, however, he is known as a compassionate doctor, voted among New York City’s best.  Internationally, he’s the unquestioned, deeply grounded authority on Interferon use in MPN patients.

At ASH, in a free-ranging discussion, he expressed his views on Interferon  and announced the opening of a randomized clinical trial for very early stage MF patients designed to test low dose interferon against observation-only on a 2:1 basis with the option to crossover in case of progression.

Those interested in learning more about participating should contact his assistant, Maria Wright: <>

(NOTE:  Because of a shift to HTML5 and Flash Player requirements the embedded video may not play on some browers. Please click on the links below which will take you to the video uploaded to YouTube. Thanks.)

Silver on JAK inhibitors

Silver on two forms of Interferon

Silver on Interferon trial


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Comments on: "ASH Special Report: Silver on Interferon" (3)

  1. Nathalie Cook said:

    Thank you Dr Silver for taking the time to provide us with this interesting information on the JAK2 inhibitors and IFN. Thank you also Zhen, for recording and sharing these interviews with us. Happy holidays!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to supply us with such valuable information.

  3. californiabonnie said:

    Thank you Dr Silver for participating in the three short videos.

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