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Arnie McConnell

I Have A Little Illness

(with apologies to Robert Louis Stevenson)

I  have a little illness that seems to follow me,
And what can be the use of it is more than I can see.
It conspires to make me tired, as other cancers do,
But when I try to use that?  “Oh, yeah? I’m tired, too.”

Some thing to do with marrow and cells that like to grow,
But, pal, if you’re not dyin’, nobody wants to know.
The onset of fibrosis will give a mortal pause.
 Lay that on a neighbor who likes Dancing With the Stars.

Polycythemia Vera?  It lacks a certain flair.
Too many boring syllables for detached minds to care.
And, true, its tortoise-progress makes it no less mean…
Don’t look for too much passion over your distended spleen.

So, on I soldier, pilgrims, to a distant, abstract place.
My life has been a blessing. It’s true: Amazing Grace.
Barring fate and karma, the end’s not close at hand.
Just don’t tell John Boehner. My needle costs a grand!
— Arnie McConnell

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Comments on: "Poetry Corner" (8)

  1. Carol Johnson said:

    Thanks Arnie

  2. Just read this poem to my daughter Genny as she gets her blood transfusion. Brought a smile to both of us. Well done!

  3. Wonderful poem – I am sure that everyone can relate to it. I will eagerly await your next one.

  4. Brilliant! Love it :) Just need to scratch PV and replace it with ET for me ;)

  5. Arnie McConnell said:

    Should be : “Lay that on a neighbor who Dances With the Stars.” (My mistake!!)

    Had fun writing it.

    Mindful of others who have not been as lucky as I have thus far, I send my love and caring thoughts, with the hope that you have a few laughs this week.

  6. Classic, Arnie…you can sing it to Salty Dog as well as I had a Little Dreydl…or even Rap it once you get going. Keep ’em coming.

  7. Your poem is a delight to read, even more so the second time.

  8. Barbara Kurtz said:

    I love it.

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