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Poetry Corner — June, 2012



Out of the Dark

by Janice Cranford Creed

Never thought this would happen to me,
I would be diagnosed with what?  PV?
What does it mean? Should I cry?
How do I feel? Will I die?

It seems no one around has any fears,
Guess I should buck up and have no tears.
Start the HU and get on with it,
I’ll just pretend and not deal with it.

Days go by and I can go home,
How will I face this all alone?
Return to work and afraid to share,
Will anyone above me really care?

What should I do?  How will I deal?
I’ll start a support group.  That much is clear.
So it’s off to Asheville I must go
And find new friendships to grow.

What great people are these of many ages,

And yes, we are all in different MPN stages.

We can share our happy times and sad,

And maybe things just won’t be so bad.

Whether in person or on the net,

No better friendships will we get.
So out of the dark can come the sun,
I can now face it and no longer run.

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Comments on: "Poetry Corner — June, 2012" (2)

  1. Loved the poem.

  2. It is always so much better when you are are able to talk to others. That have been or are goin through the same thing that wou are, rather on the net or in person. Everyone seems to have there own thoughs on medication and the how to handle MPD’S which help one to make an educating decision regarding ones healt. Best,

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