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February 15 – Splash Page

 February 15, 2013, Vol. 3 No.5

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In this issue… 

MPNclinic: Hasselbalch joins MPNclinic…Negative effects of aspirin… Can HU control blood counts?…Why don’t docs agree on Pegasys? (Enter clinic, here...)

First returns confirm dominance of lMPN fatigue symptom

First returns confirm intensity of MPN fatigue

The Fatigue Project: Mayo Clinic steps up… Techniques to reduce fatigue…On-line Patient Survey launches research.(Read it here)

Seven years of silence end as Patients, Docs, the Foundation, MPD Voice support The Fatigue Project..Take survey here. (Story.)

What is the Fatigue Project? (Story.)

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Stem Cell Transplant Special Report :

   The Facebook meeting…an on-line conversation with survivors (Read it here).

   Too old for SCT?.. Patsy Bushee pushes the age limit (Read it here)

   A Mother’s Tale Continues… Ann Haehn on Genny’s progress (Read it here)

   Below the Surface….Zhen looks at SCT biological warfare (Read it here)

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Report from Cardiff.…Joyce Niblack/Mayo Conference. …Marina’s Notes

Tribute to Eric James...A valentine from Harvey…All aboard with Mary Cotter

THE LIST: 100 patient-recommended hematologists…The Catalog of Articles… Masthead

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Tell your story, express yourself, share your experience in your MPN magazine. You can add your comments to MPNforum articles, write your own story or open a discussion with your…Letter to the Editor

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  1. Ruth – cant tell you her age but she was born in 1948! :-)

  2. RuthAnne Blair said:

    What is Patsy Bushee age?

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