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It’s worth a second try.

Many of you responded to our Conflict of Interest survey. Most of you didn’t.  Please take a second look, it’s more important than you might think.

There have been much publicized reports of medical corruption and conflicts of interest between physicians and drug companies. For a Conflicts of Interest (COI) story appearing next month,  MPNforum convened a panel of MPN specialists.  Docs you know. We’ll share their thoughts

.For us as patients, the subject hits close to home. C0I is responsible for billions in drug costs. COI impacts MPN treatment decisions. COI affects our relationship with our physicians.

We created a  six question survey Please do click on it and take the 30 seconds to answer. We have the docs responses. We know the drug company responses. Now let’s include our own perceptions in the December article.

You can also Click here:

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  1. said:

    Zhen, I replied, but have a problem with your questions. There is no option for ‘yes, if there is transparent disclosure by the physician of pharma connections’ – a standard requirement for all peer reviewed publications. Also, clinical trials are expensive to administer, and that cost should be borne by the company. Regardless, the research must be reputable and replicable. There is no scope for these nuanced caveats in the responses.

    Best regards, and I appreciate your work on our behalf.


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  3. I tried 3 times but my mpn password doesn’t work…

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