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Let me tell you about my doctor.
And then how about you tell me about yours.

Josh Gettinger is a family doctor at my local medical clinic. He’s the only guy I’ve seen for my MF in the past eight years. He reviews my CBC quarterly, keeps up with MPN research reports, consults with specialists as needed and calls me when he has concerns. He’s smart, caring and great. I just added him to the List of Hematologists… even though he isn’t one. He’s just too good not to share.

So how about yours? Fewer than one third of us see MPN specialists for our medical care. And many of the hematologists we do see know little about MPNs. Which is why the List of Patient Recommended Hematologists is such a gift to the community. There are the women and men who care about us. The doctors worth sharing. Get the word out. The List is probably the most popular page in the MPN world.

Doesn’t your doc belong up there?

If you’ve got a good doc, share the good news. It takes just a minute: Go here:

Comments on: "Let me tell you about my doctor" (2)

  1. Ellen Jacquart said:

    Great ad for The List!

  2. I naively thought all haemotologists knew about MPNs. How wrong I was. The first one I saw when first diagnosed said it wasn’t cancer.

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