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Summertime popsicle


Imetelstat is back in the headlines.  Results from its myelofibrosis trial reports at ASCO next week…(Nobel Prize winners and patients weigh in as the drug continues its tortured path to approval)…

Cachexia, A look at the deadly, most ignored, sign of progressing cancer and what you can do about it. …

Clinical trial vs. stem cell transplant  with eyes wide open…

News: Will medicare pay for myelofibrosis SCT?…  What’s the 3rd leading cause of death in the US?…. Close up, MPN A&E,…Welcome to MPN Actjion Network and …congratulations to HikeMF.

It’s a thick package to take along on your Memorial Day Weekend.  Enjoy


Happy Summer, 2016.


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  1. , Denise Parker said:

    In the UK we are so fortunate that the NHS funds myelofibrosis. However, it was also a system that let my daughter, Jennifer down. This was due to missing opportunities to investigate her health problems further, and possibly diagnose her sooner. Diagnosed at 22, she passed away at just 22. At least we did not have to worry about cost of care. Once diagnosed, she did get the best available treatment, medical wise, but her care was not holistic.

  2. Lori Small said:

    Hi Zhen,

    Thank you for sending along the advanced copy of the MPN Forum. Julie and I are both having trouble opening the link. We are wondering what we are doing wrong.

    Thanks, Lori

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Bonnie Kaye Evans said:

    Link did not work

    Bonnie Evans Greater Atlanta Friendship Force Webmaster and Ambassador Group Coordinator for The Greater Atlanta MPN Support Group Founder and Volunteer for the Joe Evans Respite Care Center Stem Cell Registration Coordinator Blood Donor

    Have Passport. Will Travel. Sent from my iPad


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