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Broken summertime link

This should work:

(Thanks, Bonnie)

Comments on: "Broken summertime link" (7)

  1. said:

    Hi Zhen,Great newsletter, but the link to Jeremy’s article goes to Empowered pt’s by Michael Goldstein. Just wanted to give you a “heads up”. Thanks for all your hard work,Kristi WelshSent from Xfinity Connect Mobile App

  2. nick vojnovic said:

    Hi Zhen, Great info as usual. Any updates on PRM151? Thanks, Nick

    • I know I did promise an update on pacritinib…but we stopped covering PRM-151 when it seemed to have slipped off the MPN screen. Promedior is not at ASCO next week and my only conversations with investigators seemed to indicate mild effect on fibrosis without toxicity but nothing exciting. This is pure scuttlebutt for now;until Promedior presents plans and data going forward we might just have to hold on. (And on pacritinib here’s the abstract from ASCO: )

  3. Leif Running said:

    In imetelstat article, 5th graf, reveral should be reversal.

  4. bonnie Evans said:

    I would avoid this trial.

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