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Advance: MPNforum Summer Issue –


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Imetelstat is back in the headlines.  Results from its myelofibrosis trial reports at ASCO next week…(Nobel Prize winners and patients weigh in as the drug continues its tortured path to approval)…

Cachexia, A look at the deadly, most ignored, sign of progressing cancer and what you can do about it. …

Clinical trial vs. stem cell transplant  with eyes wide open…

News: Will medicare pay for myelofibrosis SCT?…  What’s the 3rd leading cause of death in the US?…. Close up, MPN A&E,…Welcome to MPN Actjion Network and …congratulations to HikeMF.

It’s a thick package to take along on your Memorial Day Weekend.  Enjoy


Happy Summer, 2016.


  •  As ever, this is an advance subscriber copy. Please send along your comments, edits, typos, misspellings, broken links, etc. so we can clean things up before publication tomorrow and thank you!

The ASH Report


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The theme of MPNforum’s  Orlando ASH Report is “Behind the Scenes.”

Most of us never get to ASH… so this time we show you what it’s really like. Come on inside the CREATE MPN gene editing luncheon… and then head on out to see a surprising about-face at the MPN Heroes’ shindig. There’s all  that plus a quick overview of drugs and a couple of clinical trials (and a partridge in a pear tree.)

Enjoy… As always, this is an Advance Subscriber edition so if you find errors worth correcting, please let me know.

You can find it all at:

                              Happy Holidays,


Your weekend reading is ready…

You’ve seen some advance stories. 

Now the first full 2015 MPNforum issue is up and available….

Including a new perspective on Hydroxyurea vs. Interferon…Is clinical trial right for you?

Announce January 15 Issue

Warmest wishes for a happy, creative, healthy 2015!

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