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Two Successful Drugs on Trial…

 There are two important clinical trials now recruiting – one in Europe, one across the United States – testing the combination of Jakafi with an HDAC inhibitor, Panobinostat.  On its own, this drug has recorded a Complete Response – reversal of fibrosis and restoration of hematopoietic function  — in an MF patient.  Expectations are high for its coupling with Jakafi. The story <<The Silent Gene>> is in the new MPNforum

There’s another clinical trial scheduled for late this summer of a completely different drug, PRM -151, that has been successful in reversing fibrosis. That story – along with Dr. Robyn Emmanuel’s update on patient interventions from the Fatigue Project — is also in the April 15 MPNforum, published tomorrow.

Enjoy…and if you happen to find any typos, we’re still pre-publication so please do let me know (zhenyasenyak@gmail.,com).




Comments on: "New issue of MPNforum tomorrow..Article Now." (3)

  1. Leif Running said:

    Hi, More proofreading of the “silent gene” article: “after six cycle” should be “after six cycles”. Leif


  2. Leif Running said:

    Hi, I did some proofreading, as requested: Search to find “is a started” and get rid of the “a”. Leif


    • Found it, Leif. Removed it. Great find, thank you! How would you like a job proofreading MPNforum? Rotten pay, great benefits.

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