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Good morning… Your advance copy of the April 15 MPNforum is available here.

Until the regular edition is published Monday evening, you can access every article. (The Return to
 Contents link at the end of each article will only return you to the March Forum for now.)

It was proofed and checked but if you run across any typos or links that don’t work, please do let me know.

  Your comments, at the end of each article, are always most welcome!

     Be well, keep in touch,


Comments on: "April 15 MPNforum – Advance Copy" (3)

  1. Leif Running said:

    Hi, Here is some more copy editing. In The Patient Playbook the worse of symptoms

    should be  the worst of symptoms. Leif


    • Again, great eye, Leif Instead of the Comments box, Could please you send any other proofreading pickups to me directly, It’s much faster and we’re going to publish in a few hours.

      Thanks! (And…that proofreading/editing job is still open.)


  2. Sue Bowen said:

    Hi Zhen, This fatigue business is getting the better of me. I give up. Sue

    Sent from my iPad

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