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We’re almost there.


We are so close…

By now, many of you have already cast your votes in the opening week of the 2013 Small Donation Program bringing us much closer to our goal.  Thank you, again.

And if you missed voting during the magic of the Passover/ Easter/ Spring break — and are just getting back into the swing of things — here’s the short version:

Simply, MPNforum Magazine has out-grown its home-made roots.  It’s no longer possible to produce a full monthly on-line magazine without some part-time or consulting help. The full story is on line at

We are launching the MPNforum Quarterly, a journal of features and science available on-line and in print, June 15.   For now, until we can staff up, we can continue MPNforum as a graphic newsletter and still maintain projects like MPNclinic, the Fatigue Project, and the List of Hematologists.

We’re asking for your vote of confidence.  Vote to support MPNforum with your credit card or checkbook. Your small donation – any amount from $5 to a maximum of $100 —  can help build a bridge that will be there for MPN patients and caregivers for years to come.  Together, we have already made a difference.

Together, we are the difference.

It’s your Vote. It’s your Forum.

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Together, we are the difference. Beat MPNs.

You can also make your gift by U.S. mail.

MPNforum Magazine: PO Box 17142, Asheville, North Carolina, 28816

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