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For weeks, I’ve been sick, weak and wandering in the shadow of the valley.

The story is at

(Warning: a couple of gross images and some quasi-religious references included.)



Comments on: "Whatever happened to Zhenya" (4)

  1. Richard T Silver said:

    Dear Zhen: I am truly sorry to learn of your medical issues. I am glad to read your post. You are too good to lose and too young so keep getting stronger. I am sending you a short video that recently happened to me. All the best, Dick

  2. said:

    Zhenya, You’ve been through so much. Thank you for sharing your story and for all your amazing work in MPN. I hope you will get over this unfortunate medical adventure quickly and be able to enjoy your grandson and continue your invaluable contributions to the MPN community.

    Chag Pesach Sa’me’ach!


  3. G Louise Haugh said:

    So Very Brave. Thank You for the update. My prayers are with you. You give me and I am sure so many of us the courage to pick up a torch and move forward. Just wait until the blessing of your new Grandchild arrives. There is nothing better to lift the spirits then the bith of a newborn child, especially when it is part of us. You are in my prayers. God Bless.

  4. Nadya Disend said:

    Mazel tov on Elijah’s timely arrival — this may be the finest medicine available. Thanks for updating us, comrade. Nadya

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