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Today ends our funding and volunteer recruitment drive to support MPNforum’s 2019 patient advocacy programs. Although it looks like we might fall a little short of our financial goals, in some ways results far exceed our expectations.

We have a great new crew of volunteer staff and adequate funding to fully proceed with priority projects. We will be in touch with volunteers, 2019 donors and regular Forum contributing staff to review and sharpen focus..

I want to thank all who contributed or plan to contribute and assure every MPN patient we will work for significant results this year while maintaining the reporting standards of MPNforum Magazine.

Comments on: "And now we begin. (Thank you.)" (2)

  1. Nadya Disend said:

    Congratulations to you and the rest of us, your readers, who depend on your fine journalism.

  2. Jane Frantz said:

    Thank you Zhenya! Your leadership is inspiring!

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