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It’s an invaluable resource for hundreds of MPN patients and caregivers…and by far the most popular page in MPNforum Magazine. The List of Patient-Recommended Hematologists.

July 18 is the deadline to get your recommended hematologist into the List.  Four or five times a year, Ellen Jacquart updates the List of Patient-Recommended Hematologists including the Map and contact links. If you have a good doc, please do share him or her with the MPN community. There’s a real shortage out there.

You can add your hematologist here.

And if you need a hematologist, check out the List. You can usually get in touch with the recommending patient if you need more details.


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Comments on: "New List of Hematologists — Five Days to Go." (2)

  1. Alma Williams said:

    I did not find Phoenix on the list. AZ’s Mayo Clinic is home for Dr. Ruben Mesa, a leader in the field. Many other hematologists also in the Phoenix Metro area.

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