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The MPNforum Patient and Caregiver List of Recommended Hematologists

Once you’re diagnosed with an MPN, you quickly learn your hematologist is one of the most important people in your life.

And you also know that a hematologist familiar with MPNs is a rare commodity. When you find one who understands this disease, communicates well enough to help you understand it, listens to your symptoms with empathy, and provides helpful advice and treatments – well, you have hit the hematological jackpot. We’d like everyone to know about these fine doctors and to do that we’re publishing an on-going list of recommended hematologists, openly available for review.

If you want to add your doctor to the recommended list-

  • First, check whether he or she is already on the listIf your doctor is already on the list, provide your experience with the doctor by adding your comments to that page.
  • If your doctor is not already on the list, please fill out and submit this form.

* Your e-mail address and contact information will not be published but made available, with your permission, on an individual basis to requesting patients or caregivers.

Comments on: "Add your hematologist" (10)

  1. Hi Zhen, Although Ellen did update the record to reflect Dr. Akhtari’s new location, my initial comment is the first thing people see and it mentions UNMC and Nebraska, as well as a Nurse Case Manager that no longer applies. It would be more informative if my comments could be edited to more clearly represent the current status.

    • Thanks for the update, Marcia. I’ll pass it along to Ellen. Hope you’re well and your new doc warrants election to the List.

  2. virginia shirley said:

    Update for Dr. Rustagi: Unfortunately the cost of private practice resulted in Dr. Rustagi closing his office in Mt View, Ca 12/11/2014. He has joined a medical group in Bakersfield, Ca. I am very sorry to say good bye to him as my hematologist/oncologist.

  3. Louise Haugh said:

    I would Like to have a copy of the Hematologists. I am looking for one near South Central Penna. I Have MF and would like to speak to a professional who has been dealing with this Illness. Thank You In Advance.

  4. Jane Frantz said:

    Zhen, I have submitted my recommendation of Dr. Mangan before and again today.

    • Hi, Jane… Thanks for the recommendation. Your entry, Dr. James Mangan, Bordertown, New Jersey, made it to the current list published earlier this month. And we have received your new duplicate recommendation today, sorry if you were up in the air about it.
      We have a good system to capture recommendations: From ourMPNforum to me and forwarded to Ellen Jacquart so we have built-in redundancy. We should acknowledge the recommendation as well, I know, but it hasn’t been part of the system and I haven’t figured out an automatic way to do it. Any ideas?

      • Jane Frantz said:

        Ahhhhh. No wonder I couldn’t find Dr. James Mangan….He practices at PennMed: Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine Abramson Cancer Center in Pphiladelphia PA!
        I live in Bordentown, NJ. Sorry for the confusion.

  5. Martin J. Kerscher said:

    I am pleased to recommend hematologist Dr. Taral Patel of the Zangmeister Center, 3100 Plaza Properties Blvd., Columbus, OH 43219, Telephone 614/383-6000.

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