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Not too late for Phoenix


Not too late for Phoenix

If you were thinking of attending the Joyce Niblack Memorial Conference on Myeloproliferative Neoplasms in Phoenix, Arizona next month, the good news is there is still room for you.

The Conference, focused on current understanding of MPNs and the new medicines and their uses, includes presentations on stem cell transplantation, managing issues of clotting and bleeding plus up-close and personal breakout sessions and panel discussions.

The all-star cast of MPN specialists includes several doctors featured in the pages of MPNforum Magazine: Drs. Silver, Deeg, Levine, Gotlib, Pardanani, Mesa, Tefferi, Verstovsek  and others.

Check your schedule. The meeting takes place all day Saturday, February 9th  and Sunday morning. The registration fee is $200.

For more information and on-line registration:  

Comments on: "Not too late for Phoenix" (2)

  1. Have fun, bring back pictures to share! I think Nathalie and Charlie are planning to go. It would be great to see MPNforumers — (forum-ites?)– in Phoenix

  2. I will be there! Look forward to seeing my MPN friends in warm weather.

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