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By now, since you’ve already had a long advance look at The Missing Patient article,  the January 15 issue might seem like yesterday’s news.

Don’t be fooled.

The Internet version we publish tomorrow is a fresh off the press new edition.

While our focus on relief of fatigue will continue on through the Fatigue Project and collaborative work toward preliminary studies and clinical trials, the MPN world is much bigger than that.

For one thing we have these guardian angels, the Magnificent Seven hematologists, the world’s pre-eminent MPN specialists —  who freely volunteer their time to answer our questions. 118 questions in all in this, the fourth edition of the Clinic. Nurse Mary Morochnick has sent along over 250 responses to our MPN fellow-patients and caregivers. Some of these questions have stumped us in the past and many hit close to home.  Check it out.

In this issue we have a couple of tales of struggle, reconciliation, and hope.  Three different perspectives on Myelofibrosis from Harvey, Andrew, and Beatrice.

 Jeremy is back to tell us what it’s like to exercise now that his PV has morphed to MF and brought along “Mr. Spleen.”

Mike’s Empowered Patient column has a different tone.  He’s going to moderate our Facebook stem cell transplant discussions and here he sets the table, talking aboutthe promises and challenges of SCT.

And then there are News Briefs, from an MPD bash to yet another JAK inhibitor trial and a Meeting in Madrid. Plus an updated Patient Recommended Hematologist list, courtesy of Ellen Jacquardt.

So settle back, it’s cold and wet out there today, so do find a warm corner to curl up with your computer and enjoy the January 15.  MPNforum



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    Looks great Zhen

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