Science & Medicine

Tell your story.

We all love stories. It’s how we shape our lives, how we share our hopes and fears.

How about sharing your story with the MPN community?

MPNforum is all about stories.  Sometimes it’s medical – Marty Prager and Chris Harper tell their stem cell transplant stories, or Ann Haehn in “A Mother’s Tale,” writing about Genny’s transplant.

Sometimes it’s a love story, sometimes a story of loss or fear, a clinical trial, a procedure, a first look at our 23andMe report, sometimes….sometimes it’s anything at all

Come tell your story in words, in color and photographs, so you can share this MPN journey with your family and friends and all of us in the MPN community.
To get started, just drop me a note with your idea for an article, an essay or a poem, (Yes, Arnie  McConnell broke the poetry barrier this month with his ode to PV.)   We have editors to help you along the way and an audience waiting to hear your story.

Enjoy the weekend,


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