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Sometimes you just need a chorus…We’re working on a few stories and could use more voices and not so fancy footwork to make it sing. Can you help?

(1) How long have I got, Doc?

 This is a story about MPNs’ effect on longevity, the current state of medical  prognostication, and how we, as patients, feel about it.  All things considered how long do you expect to live:  Under three years?  Around five years? More than ten years?  And if you didn’t have your MPN, how long did you think you’d live?  Can you share your thoughts and feelings about this issue in a few paragraphs?

 (2) How about sharing your story, any part of your story?

I know, I know… we already sent a longer version of this one around a few days ago. but it bears repeating because MPNforum is all about stories. And your story is part of it.   Start with a simple anecdote.  It could be medical. or a love story,  a story of loss or fear, a clinical trial, a procedure….sometimes it’s anything at all

(3) Going Solo….

Whether through circumstance or chance, many of us live alone. This poses special challenges for those with MPNs.  Whether caregiver, alone because of separation or death of another, or a patient balancing schedules and drug regimens, sharing your insights will help all of us who are single as well as married couples and families engaged with the MPN life.

 I know you’re busy but these requirements are easy, the writing is fun and your friends and family will love it:

Three to five paragraphs – or less – would be ideal for each of these developing stories.  (If you need to run longer, consider writing a full article.)  Send your submissions to Zhen at  And Please attach photographs whenever possible.

Thank you…looking forward to reading your stories,






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