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Patient – Recommended Hematologists

The List — a compilation of patient-recommended physicians —  is a service offered to the entire MPN community. 

Publishing a list of recommended hematologists, by location, enables MPN patients — whether newly diagnosed, traveling, or seeking a second opinion — to get referrals  from those of us who use those medical services. You’re welcome to recommend more than one physician or hematologist who, in your experience, warrants inclusion in The List.

 A hematologist familiar with MPNs is a rare commodity. When you find one who understands this disease, communicates well enough to help you understand it, listens to your symptoms with empathy, and provides helpful advice and treatment – well, you have hit the hematological jackpot. We’d like everyone to know about these fine doctors and to do that we’re publishing an on-going list of recommended hematologists, openly available for review.

If you want to add your doctor to the recommended list, please fill out and submit this form. Please insert your hematologist’s contact information in the appropriate field, if available.

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Comments on: "Got a good Doc…Share the news!" (2)

  1. We’ve just started building the LIst from patient submissions. It will be several weeks, I’d think, before the first version is publicly available here. The List will be continually updated as candidates are submitted. Ellen is working on the database now. This is a critically important tool both for MPN patients newly diagnosed and not knowing where to turn as well as those of us who often need a second — or third — opinion. Many patients who have already submitted their recommendations are willing to be contacted via e-mail by other patients to share their experience. We want to be sure the privacy of all concerned is protected.

  2. Where is the list of MPN doctors?

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