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True we publish the November-December MPNforum Magazine tomorrow, but some things can’t wait.  If you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting  for the webcast of the 6th Annual Myeloproliferative Disease Symposium put on by MPN Research Foundation and CR&T, wait no longer. The MPN Foundation has put up its very spiffy viewer and the videos are clear, titled and comprehensive.   So settle down with a cup of coffee or whatever, your tablet, i-pad or pad and pen and hunker down for some deeply informative sessions.  You can check out our slide show at for a few highlights.  CR&T will be getting its web event up soon at  Enjoy…and please do pass along your comments to the Forum as Comments to our articles or on our MPNforum Facebook page.  Here it is:


Comments on: "NYC MPN event webcast now available!" (8)

  1. Thanks, will give it a try!

  2. I found that i could only see the speaker but not see slides . So, if this happens to you, i did find a work around. When you see the page that shows a Help button, Test your system, Download Flash and L
    aunch presentation, there sometimes is a button to download slides (this is not there in all cases). If you Download the slides you can view them on the screen while you are watching the speaker.

    Hope this helps.


  3. I just got done listening to Dr Hoffman’s presentation. Very informative!

  4. It’s pro ably my iPad..for some reason it doesn’t have a flash player…or what ever you need to watch this.I will try another computer.thanks.

  5. Ellen Jacquart said:

    The Q&A session hosted by Dr. Silver is fascinating!!! I’m sitting here taking notes and writing down questions for my next hem/onc appointment.

  6. It is not working.

  7. Many thanks. Looking forward to revisiting some of the more complicated presentations. Have a great day, Zhen.

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