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Build a Wall….Send a Selfie


We’re building a wall.

We are building a wall to celebrate our solidarity in supporting MPN research, education and community. A tribute wall. A wall for MPN Friends, for the fallen and the warriors in the field.  And we need you to take a hand.

Picture it, a wall of hundreds of names and faces, a wall towering toward the Internet sky. Our Wall will rise above the landscape of anonymity and separation where once we lived. It will alert medical institutions, Big Pharma, the FDA, and encourage  our brothers and sisters in the international world of MPN patients caregivers and physicians that we are a strong, united community.

Our Wall rising up on its own page in the cyber world, is a testament to our determination to beat MPNs, and a beacon of hope for the newly diagnosed

We are not fighting against blood cancer. The enemy is not a genetic mutation, a disease. The enemy is ignorance, isolation and those who would profit from our pain.  Together we have already won many battles against these real barriers to our treatment and cure.

In the past five long years, we have beaten back the fog of hype behind drug performance and failed clinical trials. We have struggled together to understand mutations and gene therapy. We have entered, together, the fields of education, exploration, lobbying.

And together we have mourned our losses and celebrated our great victories in stem cell transplant, in successful treatment, in breakthrough research.

The new focus on MPN research

Our victories are many but the road to eradicate MPNs is long.  We have seen MPNs move out of the shadows from a forgotten backwater disease to one of the most researched and published areas of hematology – with research into JAK inhibitors, immunotherapy, gene therapy, combinatorial treatment and alternative treatment occupying ever greater acreage in the Poster Halls of international blood cancer meetings.

Stand with us.  Inscribe your name and picture on the Wall. .

To help build the Wall simply send an email to In the Subject, type WALL.

That’s it.  You are invited to attach a Selfie or other photo as a JPEG to that email if you like. We will use it as another brick in the wall if we can.

 See you at the Wall…and thanks for your support.


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MPNforum, PO Box 17142, Asheville, NC 28816
Donations to MPNforum are not tax deductible

Small Donation Program, September-October, 2016

$5 to a maximum of $100, and thank you.

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Unless you request anonymity, we will publish the name of donors on the new Friends of the Forum page.



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