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How are we doing? 
Cast a vote that counts.

Click on the VOTE checkmark  to cast your buck

You know who we are.

You’ve read the stories, seen the pictures, followed the science, columns, and opinions….

So why are we’re passing the hat? 

To raise a little cash, meet new volunteers and learn  how you think we’re doing. .

MONEY TALKS:  The easiest way to do all that is at the ballot box where you can cast your buck. The donation of  even a dollar, pound, or euro  or two is enough to let us know you’re there…and you’re part of the Forum.  Kick in more, if you can afford it to save us all the interruption of fundraising.  

 MPNforum Magazine is entirely free and openly shared worldwide.  We are supported by donations from fellow patients and caregivers …with donations of any amount. 

  So please… Vote.

Vote with your cash.  When tallying support votes, a single dollar will carry as much weight as a hundred dollar bill .  We need to know you’re out there and value the work so many do each month to tell their stories and share their experience.

Times are hard and money a little tight?  It’s not the amount – a buck or two will do. 

                         You can vote on-line (click on the blue VOTE)


            You can also vote by mail.

             MPNforum, PO Box 17142,  Asheville, NC 28816

 And to volunteer: 

MPNforum Magazine

Donations  and contributions are NOT tax-deductible.

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