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Trump Must Go




It may seem odd for the editor/publisher of on-line magazine devoted to the care and management of a rare blood disease to step up and make a strong and partisan political statement.  But even though there is an argument that the rule of Donald J. Trump with its ridicule and defunding of science and denial of basic medical care  endangers our health, there is a more compelling argument. We are not just  bearers of a blood cancer. We are human beings living in a world approaching apocalypse 

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”

I am a Partisan.  And in that connection make only one apology for violating the unwritten, unspoken but hitherto voluntary restriction against the expression of partisan political, religious and social views in these pages.

In this Election Season, we must end the reign of Donald J. Trump and assure the speedy and full exit from the halls of power of both him and the cohort of spineless politicians who have rubber stamped his excesses.

The issues that will determine the future of human life on this planet – issues that transcend our own immediate concerns with management of our blood cancer – are the new Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:  Global warming, Pandemic, Social unrest and Nuclear Proliferation.  He has exacerbated each of the great calamities that face us.

For expressing these views and actively working for his defeat,  I apologize  not to those who voted him into office —  or persist in supporting his dictatorial, destructive words and actions —  but  to the international community for inflicting the great evil of Donald J. Trump upon our common Planet for the past four years.   I apologize for maintaining silence, for not bearing witness, I apologize to those whose health, dignity and lives  have been trampled by his rampaging tantrums, to the children ripped from their migrating parents hands and placed in cages, to the impoverished denied medical care, opportunity or equal protection under the law.

Global warming.

Donald J. Trump has  lifted environmental restrictions and has greatly contributed to the vast and deadly increase of CO2 in our environment that is already melting glaciers,  promoting heat wave, hurricane, fire and flood. He has withdrawn from the Paris Accords in which Nations endeavored to slow the inevitable life threatening rising temperatures.  He has sold off public lands to polluting profiteers. Promoted production of fossil fuels, coal, pipelines and the decimation of species.


Over 160,000 Americans have been killed by COVID-19 so far. He has ignored the underlying Science that would have saved large numbers of the dead and dying Americans infected by COVID-19, delayed preparation for the onset of pestilence despite overwhelming evidence from Asia and Europe, derided the use of masks and social distancing, promoted false cures, denied the lethality of the pandemic, promoted premature ending of prophylactic measure to stimulate the economy in order to assist his re-election. He has even worked for  revocation of the Affordable Care Act filing suit in Federal Courts in face of surging pandemic.

While other Nations great and small have controlled transmission of the CO-SARS 2 virus, and returned to productive economic and civil life, the once great United States of America remains the world’s leading reservoir of COVID-19 virus. This Nation with less than 4% of the world’s population has recorded, under Donald J. Trump’s leadership, over 25% of the planet’s COVID-19  dead and infected casualties.

Nuclear proliferation.

He has divided people from people, Nation from Nation through racist and xenophobic words and actions, violated Constitutional provisions that would curtail his Executive  powers, conspired with despots,  broken treaties and long-standing alliances and friendships that help assure world peace, schemed with foreign leaders to attack his political opponents, withdrew from Nuclear proliferation treaties, sponsored growth and acceleration of US nuclear capabilities supporting a new nuclear arms race.


He has personally and corruptly enriched himself, his family and fellow billionaires through wealth transfers, massive tax measures,  building a crony kleptocracy  by installing unqualified political donors with conflicted self-interest to positions of influence in education, science, commerce and environmental protection. By testimony of his associates, family and words out of his own mouth he is demonstrably a sociopathic, narcissistic, womanizing, vengeful, hypocritical, racist  misogynist with neither heart nor compassion for the downtrodden, weak, and impoverished of the world.

For the sake of our children, our grandchildren, and all the large and small living beings on this planet, Trump and his enablers must go. Tuesday, November 3, is Election Day.  Make it count.

Comments on: "Trump Must Go" (13)

  1. George Baber said:

    Right on, my brother. Couldn’t be any clearer than the truth.

  2. This is NOT the place for political rants. I come here for medical information on MPNs. I can get political rants anywhere.

  3. Cynthia Berg said:

    Thank you Zhenya, for speaking these truths. While this is usually, as you wrote, a non-political forum, we are truly in a time of crisis (many crises) . Let us encourage all to vote -early and safely.
    Thank you again for sharing the thoughts of so many with such passion and eloquence,

  4. Bonnie K Evans said:

    Biden is of good character. A loving caring and ethical:man is needed to lead this country.. A man who can speak in complete sentences and make sense. We need a President who is not vengeful and thinks only of himself. We need a President who believes in science and no conspiracy theories. We need a President who respects all races, religion and women! We need a man who does not lie 20,000 times so far in his Presidency. We need a leader who would put together a national plan to defeat COVID 19. We can not take more of the failed regime of Emperor Trump whose heroes are dictators. He has made the USA a laughing stock of the world with his incompetence.

    I am with you Zhen. All MPN patients and caregivers should vote for BIDEN HARRIS. Your life depends on it. Your health care depends on them..

  5. Ziehl Susan said:

    Well said!!

  6. Em Yeshua said:

    From an MPN patient and an MPNforum supporter/subscriber: Is there anywhere left where we can get away from the moralizing and virtue-signalling? This Cuban woman did not vote for the President in 2016, but I recognize what is happening in our streets. It looks incredibly familiar and I know where it ends. Despite my concerns, I would never use our Forum to rant and proselytize about a political viewpoint. Enough. Basta!

  7. Jane Frantz said:

    Thank you Zhen for such a powerful editorial! You are thoughtful and I agree with you completely. Freedom of speech and opinion!

  8. Kitty Wan said:

    Well said, Zhenya. I am not sure how we survive this train wreck of an administration, but another 4 years of more of the same will surely end us.

  9. How dare you sully this site with political tripe! We are patients dealing with a deadly disease and don’t need to listen to your nonsense. You’ll never get a dime from us.

  10. Thank you. Very well written. I agree with all of this essay. I have an MPN.

  11. Julie Libon said:

    Thank you Zhenya for showing how denial of the seriousness of Covid-19, global warming, etc. is harming the health of those of us with chronic disease. This was interesting and enlightening. Thank you for always keeping the MPN community informed.

  12. Darla Belyea said:

    I read MPN forum to hopefully be informed of news and stories regarding my rare blood disease.
    Your editorial on “Trump Must Go” is sickening and written by someone that has cheapened the MPN forum site. Please keep your political views out of MPN forum. In my opinion you are now part of the uninformed fake news crowd and have a political agenda that has spilled over to a group of people that could care less of your political opinions.

  13. Jeri Thomas said:

    And you think Biden is not any of these things? Are you listening to him? Do you think the liberal media tells the truth? They don’t! We are at a crossroads and I am fearful of Socialism In this country. Trump is many things that you say, but he is the better alternative to Biden. And talk about corrupt family dealings—Biden wins hands down!

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