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The Senyak Report (TSR) – January 15, 2014

Fibrosis reversing drug  advances to Stage II…

Fresh from successful toxicity trials of its PRM-151, Promedior announced completion of  recruitment for the first part of its two-part Phase II myelofibrosis combo trial to be test for efficacy both alone and with ruxolitinib (Jakafi).

PRM-151, the fibrosis busting drug, using a recombinant version of the body’s own Pentraxin-2, has already demonstrated its effectiveness in pulmonary fibrosis applications.

Pentraxin-2  is a protein active in the body’s healing resolution process to help stop and reverse scarring.  “We’re not sure yet how durable this response will be, “said Dr. Trehu, “but right now this is the simplest approach.  PRM-151 acts directly on monocytes and  while it doesn’t affect the genetics it might act directly on the malignant cell .”

A portion of this current myelofibrosis trial pairs PRM-151 with Jakafi to see if the known ability of ruxolitinib to relieve symptoms, particularly splenomegaly, can in combination with PRM-151 affect the underlying MF disease state.

Part A is a small scale trial of 25 patient-participants  divided into two cohorts to test the efficacy of PRM-151 both with and without ruxolitinib  in varying dosages.  “Based on what we see in terms of IWG response,” Beth Trehu told MPNforum  “we can enroll more patients in each of those groups for Part B or change the group composition.” The plan is to ultimately enroll 80 additional patients in the study, perhaps as early as this summer.

A complete description of the trial and locations can be found at

...The new, much prettier, face of MPNforum…

Jamie     Ann nuphoto

 Jamie Strause                                                       Ann Haehn


Mary and pup KDFscpropic


Mary Cotter                                               Kathy Dubin Flynn

A new year, fresh start, fresh faces taking a hand in MPNforum…with new roles.

Meet the new Associate Editors.  They’ll be working on articles, projects, back office production and management, volunteering their time and energy to help MPNforum serve the many needs of our MPN community.  Those of us who follow the magazine have already seen their work as each has written for MPNforum.  Jamie, a healthcare professional, has been active in social media MPN support.  Kathy, fresh from her second stem cell transplant, has taken us along with her during her trials and recovery.  Ann, the founding director of Genny’s Hope, is a marrow donor activist. Her series of articles on her daughter Genny’s decision process and stem cell transplant opened the SCT discussion for many of us.  Mary, a serious agility dog trainer in her spare time, has been Patient Coordinator for the MPNforum Fatigue Project from the very beginning.  As a Rehabilitation Counselor working with patients suffering from chronic illness and disability, she was well equipped to take on that role.

Beyond writing and advocating, the new Associate Editors have something else in common.  They’re all moms… something MPNforum has needed from the beginning.

… Mayo puts final touches on fatigue survey. Get ready it’s headed our way.

…Nothing about us without us… The Zebra Coalition’s Petition for Patient Rights in CLinical Trial ready to roll. Here’s the main points..

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  1. Welcome to your new positions, I will be looking forward to your articles.

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