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The People, Posters, Exhibits of ASH New Orleans

ASH acres of hematologists

 Three floors of meetings and endless halls. Escalators, elevators, nothing works like walking.

Ash wall of Heroes FullThe Wall of Heroes with TV clips and MPN patient art

ASH fatigue project full poste4r

The full Fatigue Poster on display in Poster Hall. Click to expand.


And here’s Andrew Schorr, PatientPower’s guru-in-chief caught in the press room.


Remember Mary Ann Farley? She was the artist/musician featured in MPNforum in our Singles Series over a year ago.  Pam Murphy (Incyte) who cherishes every last issue of the Forum, noticed her work, found her and purchased walls and walls of art.  So the Hero Project worked after all.

And here’s Dr. Claire Harrison who stopped by to talk about some interesting papers. (We’re using Andrew Schorr’s lighting setup but our same old Sony Handycam.)  Dr. Harrison, in the course of discussing clinical trial safety talks about ruxolitinib in the context of stem cell transplant.

ruben mesa at ASH

CD133 + LT HSC and PMFAnd Dr. Ruben Mesa, Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, touring the poster hall.   The poster: CD 133 and LT HSC a a marker of PMF.

ASH CYT 387 dose respone poster  An appearance by momelitinib, CYT-387.  Dose response.

Harvey and Ashley Gould. ash harvey and Ashley She got us to spit into cups and he got us to travel his long and winding road and here they are together outside the Cotton Exchange in New Orleans.  DSC_0074

DSC_0097  This is a first look at the MPN Research Foundation’s secret weapon used to search out hidden scientific breakthroughs.  Look carefully and long and the amazing research tool will appear.

 Ashley Heroine  SAMSUNG


Coming home…

Coming home

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