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The List

The List of Recommended Hematologists

Editor: Ellen Jacquart

The List is a compilation of MPN patient-recommended hematologists arranged alphabetically by location, first Nations, then States within the US.

It’s a resource for those searching for a good hematologist.

To FIND a recommended hematologist in your city simply scroll down the list, click on the doctor’s name to get detailed information. Or simply locate your city on the Map and click.   (You can also search by pressing  [Control F] —  the Control and the F keys — on your keyboard; Type your city in the pop-up menu and hit return.)

Some who have recommended a hematologist have agreed to be contacted via e-mail for additional information.   You can request that e-mail address at or Click here.

If you have had  a good experience with a hematologist you trust, please share your good fortune by adding  the doctor’s name to The List here. If your doctor is already listed, consider adding any comments you like to that doctor’s page.

Thank you,

MPNforum Magazine

Country City State/ Province Doctor Name
Australia Melbourne Victoria Dr Robin Filshie
Australia Melbourne Victoria Assoc. Prof. Stephen Opat
Australia Melbourne Victoria Prof. H. Miles Prince
Austria Vienna Vienna Prof. Dr. Heinz Gisslinger
Canada London Ontario Dr. Cyrus Hsia
Canada Toronto Ontario Dr. Jeannie Callum
Canada Toronto Ontario Dr.Mark Minden
Canada Sherbrooke Quebec Dr. Hans Knetch
China Hong Kong Central Dr. Chan tai Kwong
Germany Coburg Bavaria Dr. Thomas Zöller
Ireland Dublin Leinster Dr. Evelyn Conneally
Mexico Guadalajara Jalisco Dr. Abel Lomeli
Poland Olsztyn Warmia Dr. Malgorzata Wojciechowska
The Netherlands Rotterdam Zuid-Holland Dr. Mark Zijlmans
UK Glasgow Glasgow Dr. Mark Drummond
UK London Middlesex Dr. Claire Harrison
UK Oxford Oxfordshire Haematology Centre – Churchill Hospital
UK Cardiff South Wales Dr. Steve Knapper
UK Sheffield South Yorkshire Prof. John Reilly
USA Phoenix AZ Dr. Ruben Mesa
USA Beverly Hills CA Dr. Noam Drazin
USA Beverly Hills CA Dr. Barry Rosenbloom
USA Duarte CA Dr. Stephen Forman
USA Fresno CA Dr. Michael J. Moffett
USA Napa CA Dr. Daniel Mirda
USA Palo Alto CA Dr. Stanley Schrier
USA Rancho Mirage CA Dr. Davood Vafai
USA Sacramento CA Dr. Luko Laptalo
USA San Francisco CA Dr. Lloyd Damon
USA Sherman Oaks CA Dr. Gary Dosik
USA Stanford CA Dr. Jason Gotlib
USA Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, San Ramon CA Dr. Esther Q. Catalya
USA Fountain Valley CA Dr. Robert M. Carroll
USA Denver CO Dr. Mark Brunvand
USA Denver CO Dr. Tara Gregory
USA Pueblo CO Dr. Travis Archuleta
USA Hartford CT Dr. Stephen I. Firshein
USA Fort Lauderdale FL Dr. Douglas Faig
USA Sanford FL Dr. Neeraj Sharma
USA Tallahassee FL Dr. Viralkumar Bhanderi
USA Tamarac FL Dr. Rohan Faria
USA Gainesville FL Dr. Bradley Fletcher
USA Atlanta GA Dr. Elliott Winton
USA Augusta GA Dr. Vamsi Kota
USA Honolulu HI Dr. Michelle H. Miyashiro
USA Champaign IL Dr. David Graham
USA Champaign IL Dr. Ronnie Luyun
USA Chicago IL Dr. Brady Stein
USA Decatur IL Dr. Mario R. Velasco
USA Bloomington IN Dr. David Joyce
USA Indianapolis IN Dr. Mary Louise Mayer
USA Wichita KS Dr. Shaker Dakhil
USA Louisville KY Dr Michael Kommor
USA Boston MA Dr. David Kuter
USA Concord MA Dr. Ewa Niermierko
USA Baltimore MD Dr. Carole Miller
USA Baltimore MD Dr. Jerry L. Spivak
USA Baltimore MD Dr. Michael B. Streiff
USA Ann Arbor MI Dr. Dale Bixby
USA Ann Arbor MI Dr. Moshe Talpaz
USA Rochester MN Dr. Mrinal Patnaik
USA Rochester MN Dr. A. Tefferi
USA Kansas City MO Dr. Kelly Pendergrass
USA Springfield MO Dr. V. Roger Holden
USA Durham NC Dr. Joseph Moore
USA Omaha NE Dr. Mojtaba Akhtari
USA Somerset – Monroe NJ Dr. David Richards
USA Teaneck NJ Dr. Jill S. Morrison
USA Albuquerque NM Dr. Clark Haskins
USA Commack NY Dr. Philip Schulman
USA New York NY Dr. Maxim Kreditor
USA New York NY Dr. John Mascarenhas
USA New York City NY Dr. Eric Feldman
USA New York City NY Dr. Ronald Hoffman
USA New York City NY Dr. Ellen Ritchie
USA New York City NY Dr. Gail Roboz
USA New York City NY Dr. Richard T. Silver
USA Cleveland OH Dr. Alan E. Lichtin
USA Cleveland OH Dr. Ramon Tiu
USA Portland OR Dr. Kim-Hein Dao
USA Tualatin OR Dr.Christopher Yasenchak
USA Easton PA Dr. Marietta Austen
USA Erie PA Dr. Jan M. Rothman
USA Philadelphia PA Dr. Elizabeth Hexner
USA Ridley Park – Philadelphia PA Dr. Robert Roush
USA West Grove PA Dr. Martha Hosford
USA Danville PA Dr. Albert Quiery
USA Providence RI Dr. Fred Schiffman
USA Charleston SC Dr. Douglas Michaelsen
USA Columbia SC Dr. Leland J. McElveen
USA Kingsport TN Dr. Asheesh Shipstone
USA Nashville TN Dr. Gregg Shepard
USA Austin TX Dr. Jerry Fain
USA Dallas – Irving TX Dr. Steve Perkins
USA Houston TX Dr. Charles Koller
USA Houston TX Dr Srdan Verstosvek
USA Sherman TX Dr. Alex A. Ehsan
USA Alexandria VA Dr. Robert F. Dobrzynski
USA Bennington VT Dr. Orion Howard
USA Puyallup WA Dr. Sibel Blau
USA Beckley WV Dr. Rajiv Khanna
USA Morgantown WV Dr. Michael Craig

Updated February 13, 2013

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Comments on: "The List" (28)

  1. Deborah Finkelstein said:

    I tried several times to recommend my doctor in Be’er Sheva, Israel. No success! And, in addition, there was another doctor who was listed in Jerusalem who has recently been removed from the list. There’s a high prevalence of MPN’s, especially PV, in Israel and a lot of expertise here as well. I hope there isn’t a problem with Israeli listings!

    • Boker tov, Devorah…. Sorry for your frustration but the problem seems to be one of the calendar and resources not anything to do with Israel. Since we are an all volunteer patient organization, we have no paid staff to rely on..and maybe we should do something about that. We did receive your recommendation of Dr Itai Levy on September 16. We had just updated the List — a more cumbersome process than you’d likely think — and there were only a few names to add for our Winter Issue. Our List editor was also intensely engaged in another project at the time. We elected to add all additions to our Spring Issue. Hopefully our Southern Israel readers searching for a an MPN hematologist will find your comment in the meantime. (BTW, I see Dina Ben-Yehuda in our Jerusalem listing. Do you know which doctor was removed from the List?)

      • Deborah Finkelstein said:

        Thanks for answering, Zhen! The above is the old list I got from my Facebook PV support group (it was just posted in the last couple of days). You’ll notice that Dina Ben-Yehuda isn’t listed even though she was on another list. I guess people keep posting lists from different years and it gets confusing. Thanks for adding Dr. Itai.

  2. does anyone know of a reliable home kit to test for hemoglobin level…there are times you are not sure if your fatigue is due to low hgb or some other factor and it would avoid going to md everytime and getting a compete exam

  3. Rosemary La Rue said:

    How can I find out if there is a Hematologist In Fort Wayne, IN that is knowledgeable about treating MPN’s? I am going to one that does not communicate with me and it is very frustrating. I would like to find a new one, but don’t want to just hop around blindly looking. How can I get help with this?

    • Ellen Jacquart said:

      Hi Rosemary – Being a Hoosier myself (Bloomington) I was happy to see a recommendation on the list for an Indianapolis doctor (Dr. Mary Louise Mayer), which would be a couple hour drive for you. Unfortunately, we don’t have any recommendations for a Fort Wayne doctor at this point, and it sounds like yours is not one we would want on the list! If you’re interested, we are planning to have an Indiana support group meeting in Bloomington at noon on May 12 at La Charreada restaurant, 1720 N. Walnut St. You’re welcome to join us.

      • Rosemary La Rue said:

        Thank you for the invite to the support group mtg. Unfortunately that date will not work for me. I did see a Dr. at IU Med Center, in Indianapolis, for a second opinion. His name is Dr. Larry D. Cripe, MD. How about in Cleveland? That is about as close as Indianapolis. I wish there would be one at the Cancer Center in Goshen, IN. That is where we are from and it is a little closer, and we have family there. Would that be a possibility? I know there are none listed on the “list”. I just wonder how to find out if there are qualified, and knowledgeable Drs. at those places. I think my Hem. I’m seeing in Ft. Wayne, Dr. P. Kollipara, MD., knows what he’s doing, he just isn’t very good at communicating with me about it. When he gave me my diagnosis, he didn’t tell me anything about it. He just gave me the name. And whenever I ask him questions, he dismisses them as not being pertinent or important. Then I find out they are, it is frustrating. So, I would like to find a Hem. I feel more comfortable with who will talk to me.

      • Rosemary, I think you just have to grab the bull by the horns. I live in a small, remote town and have a good hematologist associated with a university who is five hours distant from my home. I asked my GP for a local referral. She gave me two. I googled both names, checked their educational and training backgorunds and then called both practices, asked about their experience in treating myeloproliferative neoplasms, asked how many MPNs they had treated. If they had qualified I would have asked for a phone call before an initial visit. With so few of us, even hematologists rarely treat an MPN patient. It’s worth searching until you find the right hematologist. He or she is your lifeline so it makes no sense to settle. Worst case, travel to your nearest university center once every year and find a local doc for your CBCs.

  4. Ernest Elovic said:

    Are there any referrals for Hemotologists in the Miami, FL area. There are none in the list

    • Hi, Ernest…For about two years when I had to be in the Miami area, I saw Dr. John Byrnes at the Sylvester Cancer Center, part of the University of Miami He knew MPNs, administered the most painless BMB I ever had, and was easy to talk with. I was at too early a stage of ET at that point to realize the importance of a good hematologist. He’s one…and, personally, I liked the Sylvester Centers’operation. If you have any trouble digging up contact info, send me an e-mail ( and I’ll send it to you. Good luck.

  5. Arnie McConnell said:

    Now that Fred Schiffman’s name has been mentioned, allow me to express my love and affection for my dear heme. As everyone in the Miriam Hospital community knows, Fred is a mensch. A real one.

    Providence. What a place.

    What a concept.

    What more need be said? except, perhaps…

    (Yo to my Peeps.)


    • Thanks, Arnie – those are high accolades for Dr. Schiffman. If you want to make sure everyone who views the Dr. Schiffman page sees your praise, click on his page and add comments at the bottom of the page. Clearly, Dr. Schiffman has a fan club!

  6. Terry Baker said:

    Thank you for all your hard work and your kindness to others. I really appresate ya’ll
    Terry Baker

    • Ellen Jacquart said:

      You bet, Terry – thanks for sharing your hematologist information with us.

  7. Hi – I added Dr. Mark Brunvand from Denver last night but also don’t see it posted. Just wanted to make sure you had his name on the list.

    • Got it, Ann, thanks for double checking. Officially, we’re on a once weekly List update schedule, but my guess is Ellen will want to update more frequently in the beginning. Recommendations are continually coming in and need to be hand checked and entered. (There’s very little that’s automatic about the system so if anybody out there has the programming chops to build us a small routine to handle this would be most welcome.) The other side of hand building is the chance of missing an entry so, after a week, please do check to make sure your recommendation has been listed.

      • Ellen Jacquart said:

        Ellen will give it her best shot to update the list with all the great entries received recently in the next few days – but usually there isn’t much time during the week so it’ll end up being updated on weekends. Rest assured, your submissions will get added. Thanks for your patience!

  8. Thanks for your quick reply. No inconvenience here. I just wanted to be sure you received my note. Thanks for all you do!

  9. I sent in a doctor’s name but don’t see it on the list. How long does the approval/listing process take?

    • Him Andrea… A G-mail bug prevented forwarding of forms for two days, but we finally got it sorted out. Your recommendation, Dr. Steven Perkins in Dallas, was received March 24. I forwarded it to Ellen tonight after seeing your comment and sorting through the in-box. The plan is to update once weekly but it’s possible it will be done earlier this round. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  10. Cindy Duckett said:

    Please add Dr. Shaker Dakhil from the Cancer Center of Kansas; Wichita, KS. Thanks!

  11. Diane Cowan said:

    Hi there the new layouts and input is fabulous, may I ask is it just American Drs or can my Dr from Glasgow be added.
    Diane Cowan

    • Absolutely, Diane. Right now the only non-US doctors listed are from China and Canada, but we release The List to the international MPN community this Monday and expect good hematologists from around the globe to be listed.

  12. Ellen, An advanced concept and a great format for presenting it. Thanks for the hard work you and Zhen have done and for the unique info –names not from the phone book, but true MPN physicians that patients with actual experience suggest. I read several listings just out of curiosity or maybe just in case. :) A.

  13. Great idea. I do hope that more members contribute as this list is invaluable.

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