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The ASH Report


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The theme of MPNforum’s  Orlando ASH Report is “Behind the Scenes.”

Most of us never get to ASH… so this time we show you what it’s really like. Come on inside the CREATE MPN gene editing luncheon… and then head on out to see a surprising about-face at the MPN Heroes’ shindig. There’s all  that plus a quick overview of drugs and a couple of clinical trials (and a partridge in a pear tree.)

Enjoy… As always, this is an Advance Subscriber edition so if you find errors worth correcting, please let me know.

You can find it all at:

                              Happy Holidays,


MPNforum/TSR Newsletter – September, 2015

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Tonight is the start of Rosh HaShanah – a new year, the start of a reflective period and fresh start. To our Jewish friends, to all, we wish l’shanah tovah, a good year.

To see the old year out, here is a special Sunday edition of

The MPNforum TSR Newsletter.

In this issue:  

Is interferon safe? Surprising findings from a new study.

Dollars for Docs…Sunshine Act reveals mixed data, keeps Drug companies in the shadows… Incyte’s big payout to docs.

PRM-151’s delay of game

Plus: CR&T meeting and big boost for MPN Fatigue.

Your weekend reading is ready…

You’ve seen some advance stories. 

Now the first full 2015 MPNforum issue is up and available….

Including a new perspective on Hydroxyurea vs. Interferon…Is clinical trial right for you?

Announce January 15 Issue

Warmest wishes for a happy, creative, healthy 2015!

Summertime is here

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Hi, there… It’s just minutes before midnight and the Summer Issue of MPNforum is ready to ship to Subscribers.

That is: links should work, most everything is in place, it’s been proofread and edited.  Still, we could use your help in reviewing  stories and passing along  any errors or changes as well as comments before we launch to the Internet.

There are serious stories in this issue and some good news about friends and heavy lifting done by fellow patient Ellen Jacquardt to get the new expanded list together. And, as ever, we’re indebted to the doctors who generously provide their advice and counsel and support.

So enjoy…and please, let’s hear from you… via comments or e-mail (

The Summer Issue is here”




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