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Autumn Advance Subscriber Issue available now



Hi, There…. Here’s the advance Subscriber edition of the Autumn double MPNforum issue.

It had to be a double issue, there’s a lot of ground to cover:


* What your BMB really reveals….a master class in discovery by Dr. Susan Leclair 

* New drug zaps inflammation, anemia, fatigue… This one could be game-changing. Read the stats at the end

* Ballot box: Here are 10 MPN Heroes for 2014… Ok these are our picks, but you can pick your own

* Top doc charts new MPN directions… Dr. Andrew Schafer is legendary and brings a new approach to treatment to

* Depression – and how to beat it…maybe…. Jeremy’s thoughts on dealing with something on all our minds these days.

* No seat for MPN patients at the table…. Hopefully, the beginning of a dialog, the end of pointless discrimination

* Zebra Coalition – the Final Report: A+…  We did it, as you’ll see, and we’re expanding MPN patient advocacy with your help

* Over 150 hematologists on the List… One by one Ellen Jacquardt adds patient recommended names to our List, the Forum’s most popular destination. Is your doc on it?  If not how about adding him or her? 

* And Julie Moore has a fun piece on shaving scuttles, bee hives and leaving ET behind.


Take your time, go through it all and do share your thoughts in Comments or e-mail




As always, please let me know if you find errors or typos that need correcting before we publish tomorrow afternoon.



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