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Summertime is here

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Hi, there… It’s just minutes before midnight and the Summer Issue of MPNforum is ready to ship to Subscribers.

That is: links should work, most everything is in place, it’s been proofread and edited.  Still, we could use your help in reviewing  stories and passing along  any errors or changes as well as comments before we launch to the Internet.

There are serious stories in this issue and some good news about friends and heavy lifting done by fellow patient Ellen Jacquardt to get the new expanded list together. And, as ever, we’re indebted to the doctors who generously provide their advice and counsel and support.

So enjoy…and please, let’s hear from you… via comments or e-mail (

The Summer Issue is here”




* Remember, the “Back to Contents” link on each page will take you to the old MPNforum home page. We switch at noon tomorrow.

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