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Your Winter MPNforum Issue is Available Here

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The Winter MPNforum Issue is now available…and it’s filled with surprises.

Mark your scorecards for the HU vs. Interferon title fight for MPN front line standing. The preliminary results are in from two big international clinical trials.  Round by round results and a truly surprising decision

Momelotinib, our last backup to Jakafi still standing, has had its ups and downs. The Winter MPNforum looks at its realities through the eyes of two myelofibrosis patients taking the experimental drug,  the doctor running their clinical trial and the views of a powerful hematologist.

And then for the the first time ever, nine of the world’s very best hematologists share their take on significant ASH development in brief summaries directly with patients in brief summaries.

All that plus feature stories, opinion, lists and Seasonal Cheer.      

It’s at  

Happy Holidays from the crew at your MPNforum Magazine


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