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Advance issue, Autumn 2016

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The Autumn Advance Subscriber edition of MPNforum is now available

This December three clinical trials will determine the frontline standing of our two workhorse ET and PV drugs. Our Moment of Truth Special Report presents surprising patient testimony and views of MPN specialists on interferon vs. hydroxyurea.

Also in this issue: Ruben’s Raiders, an in-depth look at the people, tools and work behind the MPN revolution coming out of Scottsdale, Arizona… A farewell tribute to an MPN friend and legend…and the revised, expanded MPN patient-recommended List of Hematologists.

(As usual,  the “Take me back to contents” link won’t work until the public edition appears tomorrow but you can use to access all stories.  And do PLEASE let us know of any typos, broken links or other glitches you might run across along the way…

Many thanks to the dozens of patients, doctors and friends who made this issue possible. Your comments on their work will help move along our discussions of these vital issues.


Cheers…  Autumns is straight ahead of us, Enjoy,

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