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Spring MPNforum — an Introduction

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Hi, there…

MPNforum will publish at 3:00PM. If you have a few minutes to look over the pre=publication edition and find errors, etc. please let me know ( Thank you.

For this issue, the FDA’s recent abortion of an MPN clinical trial focused our attention both on the Agency and the Clinical Trial process it monitors.  What we discovered was a badly broken system that affects our health.  We have options to make things much better.

In this Spring issue of MPNforum you’ll find….The FDA Report Card…Why Clinical Trials Can Be Dangerous to Our Health…MPNforum heads off in a new direction… HikeMF… the Poster Gallery…Letters to the Editor..New map and expanded List of Hematologists…

(This will take you to the Introduction with a link to the full MPNforum Magazine)

Enjoy…get involved…Together, we can make things better.





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